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5 Signs You Need a New Laptop

Sometimes, we become accustomed to the annoying issues we’re having with our laptops and forget that it’s not normal to have these problems.Maybe the screen is causing eye strain and headaches, or the battery is not what it used to be, and you can’t take it anywhere without the charger.When you first bought your laptop, it met all your needs, but now it’s slowing you down at work, testing your patience daily, and adding unnecessary stress to your life.If this describes your laptop, it’s probably time to sell it (Gizmogo makes it easy) and buy a new one.

1. Slow Performance

Some obvious signs of slow performance may include the following:

  • When you start up your laptop, it takes over 2 minutes to arrive at the login screen.
  • There’s a noticeably long wait time before you see the desktop after logging in.

Even Simple Tasks Are Painfully Slow

The basic tasks you perform dozens of times daily shouldn’t take more than a few seconds each, like

  • opening simple applications
  • managing your files
  • saving documents

Almost all modern laptops will perform those rudimentary tasks in seconds–not minutes.

2. Poor or non-existent battery Life

The main advantage of a laptop over a desktop computer is its portability. Short battery life will turn your laptop into a small desktop PC.Laptop plugged-inYour battery has seen better days if you can’t take your laptop anywhere without the charger.You can sometimes replace the battery in a few-year-old laptop to give it a new lease on life. Still, most of the time, it’s not worth investing that much in a more recent model if it’s especially old.

3. Low-Quality Display

The display quality is one of the most vital elements of a laptop. If your laptop’s display is outdated, worn out, or damaged, it could impact your overall experience.A poor display can result in eye strain after a few hours of squinting due to poor lighting or trying to navigate around visible screen damage.

Outdated Displays

Older laptop displays often have TN panels that make colors appear dull and washed out. And they look terrible at different viewing angles.Newer laptops usually have IPS or OLED panels, which have superior color accuracy, better viewing angles, and higher contrast than TN panels. The switch from a TN panel to one of these newer panel types will reduce eye strain.

4. Not Compatible with New Software

As new computers are released, developers make new software to take advantage of the more powerful components inside, leaving less capable, old computers in the dust.

software update laptop screen

Software You Need for Work Doesn’t Work

Suppose your work requires you to use software that isn’t compatible with your operating system or can’t run without freezing up or crashing. In that case, it is most definitely time for an upgrade.System requirements will vary by software. So you’ll want to ensure that whatever laptop you buy meets or exceeds the requirements of your software, so it will run smoothly.

5. Broken Hardware

The combination of a few keys not working, the trackpad occasionally glitching out, and a lackluster display could make a laptop unusable.If your laptop has several failing parts that would cost more to repair than half of the value of a new laptop, you’d be better off selling it and buying a new one.Gizmogo will buy your old laptop for the best price so you can put that money towards a new one!#Sell_used_devices