8 Reasons Why It’s Time To Bid Farewell To Old iPhone

Do you feel like your iPhone has slowed down over time? No, it’s not your imagination. Apple has previously admitted to slowing down older iPhone to preserve the battery. So whether your iPhone is lagging or unexpectedly shutting down, it’s inevitable. 

But you don’t have to settle with a phone that’s hindering your everyday life. Here’s are a few reasons why it’s time to sell your iPhone and get cash for the newest model.

1.Pathetic Battery Life

iPhones are notorious for their degrading battery life. A brand new iPhone might have lasted you all day, but as time passes, it will undoubtedly lose its original battery life. This is especially inconvenient for someone who is on the go and doesn’t have the time to constantly charge their iPhone. There is an option to get the battery replaced at an Apple store. But why spend money on an old model when you fix all issues with a new one.

2.Slow Speed

In this faced-paced world, the last thing anyone needs is a sluggish smartphone. As mentioned before, your iPhone is bound to get slower over time. Whether your phone is taking forever to respond to a command or has slightly slowed down, remember this problem is eventually going to get worse. 

3.WiFi Connectivity Issues

Most of, if not all, the major functions of a smartphone require an internet connection. Users have complained that their iPhones are unable to connect to certain WiFi networks, or the connection isn’t fast. This could be an issue with your WiFi connection, but if you’ve checked that and the problem persists, then your iPhone might be at fault. 

4.Unresponsive Screen

From a frozen screen to a lagging keyboard, there are a number of unresponsiveness issues. You can try resetting your phone, which may help. But if the problem continues, it could be another sign to sell your iPhone for cash and purchase the latest release.

5.Unable to Send iMessage

Another common issue iPhone users face is the inability to send iMessage. If your iPhone is facing a similar issue, you can try restoring the factory settings. If that doesn’t help, take your iPhone to an Apple store.

6.Phone Call Problems

Unarguably, one of the prime functions of having a phone is making phone calls. There is a range of problems that have been observed in terms of phone calls. If you can’t hear calls properly and there aren’t any network issues, then the smartphone is to blame.

7.Taking Forever to Charge

Draining quickly out of battery is one thing, but then taking forever to charge just worsens the situation. The newest iPhones do not just have exceptional battery life but are also advertised as fast charging.

8.Deformed Body

Unlike older iPhones like the iPhone 6s don’t have the Gorilla Glass back. Therefore, it’s more prone to damage and bending.

Are you facing any of these issues with your iPhone? Instead of spending money on repairs that may or may not last, sell your iPhone to Gizmogo for cash to and get a new one.