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Got a used iPhone 11 for sale? Sell it on Gizmogo

Selling an old smartphone is an excellent way to earn some extra money. With the release of newer iPhone models each year, there is always a market for the previous year’s flagships. The iPhone 11 launched over two years ago yet remains a capable device that fetches a good resale value even today. Read on to learn why trading in your used iPhone 11 for sale to a platform like Gizmogo makes perfect sense.

Why the iPhone 11 Still Has Value in 2024

The used iPhone 11 for sale belongs to the 2019 lineup of iPhones that consisted of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. As a flagship phone of its time, the iPhone 11 packed impressive hardware that still holds up reasonably well today. Here are some reasons why there is still demand for used iPhone 11 units:

Powerful Chipset that Runs Smoothly

The iPhone 11 is powered by Apple’s proprietary A13 Bionic chip. This chipset combines a lightning-fast CPU and an advanced neural engine that enables key iPhone 11 features like Night Mode photography. Even against 2024’s mid-range chips, the A13 Bionic does not feel dated and continues to deliver smooth performance across apps and games.

Excellent Dual Camera Setup

Another highlight of the iPhone 11 was its camera system, comprising two 12MP sensors. Images captured with the iPhone 11 cameras show pleasing colors and details even when lighting conditions are less than ideal. Its low-light photography and 4K video recording capabilities were unprecedented for its time. Most budget 2024 phones cannot match the used iPhone 11 for sale imaging quality.

Long Software Support from Apple

One of the key reasons why old iPhones retain their utility is Apple’s long software update support. The iPhone 11 launched with iOS 13 and continues to receive regular iOS updates. As of February 2024, it runs the latest iOS 17 without any major issues. Given Apple’s track record, users can expect at least two more iOS version updates for the iPhone 11.

Great Battery Life, Charging Speed

The iPhone 11’s 3110mAh battery lasts through more than a day of moderate usage thanks to an efficient A13 Bionic processor. The 18W fast charging support allows its battery to charge from 0% to about 55% in 30 minutes. These figures are very respectable for a 2024 mid-range smartphone.

So, in a nutshell, the used iPhone 11 for sale continues to be a reliable device in 2024 because of its well-rounded set of features. If you have used an iPhone 11 for over two years, now presents an excellent opportunity to sell it and make some money.

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Why Selling Your iPhone 11 to Gizmogo Makes Sense

Selling your used electronics involves deciding between various channels and platforms. Compared to selling on classifieds or auction sites, Gizmogo offers you several unique advantages:

1. No Listing Hassles, Instant Valuation

Listing your used iPhone 11 across multiple buyer channels takes considerable time and effort. In contrast, Gizmogo lets you get an estimated valuation of your iPhone 11 instantly without any listing. Just answer a few questions about your iPhone’s condition, and you will get a valuation along with the final quote. If you agree, pack and ship your iPhone to Gizmogo to complete the sale.

2. Free Shipping Label, No Logistics Hassles

Once you confirm the sale of your used iPhone 11 for sale, Gizmogo emails you a pre-paid shipping label to send your device. There is no need to arrange for shipping materials or visit the post office. Dropping off the packed box containing your old phone at the nearest carrier facility completes the shipping process.

3. Secure Processing & Data Deletion

All devices received by Gizmogo undergo stringent quality checks by experts. After evaluating and grading your iPhone’s condition, they securely wipe all your personal data for resale. During the entire selling process, you can rest assured that your data remains protected.

4. Quick Online Payments

Gizmogo processes payments for sold devices quickly so you can get your cash fast. As soon as your iPhone 11 arrives and clears the quality evaluation, you will receive the quoted amount through your preferred online payment method. Most sellers get paid within a business week of the platform receiving their gadget.

5. Better Value Than Selling Yourself

Thanks to their network of enterprise buyers that source pre-owned electronics in bulk. So you can expect significantly better value for your used iPhone 11 for sale by selling to Gizmogo versus selling on your own across auction sites or classifieds. Their offers account for all iPhone variants and storage capacities depending on demand from buyers.

So, in summary, Gizmogo makes the entire selling experience seamless while fetching you the best possible resale value. All you need to invest is some time to pack your iPhone 11 securely before shipping it out.

Determining the Right Time to Sell Your iPhone 11

iPhones tend to lose their resale value gradually as Apple releases its latest models each year. But there are certain occasions during the product cycle that are ideal for trading in your used iPhone 11 for sale. Here is a breakdown of the best times for getting maximum value:

1. Within 3-6 Months from Launch

Historically, iPhones sell at their peak resale valuations within six months from launch. During this period, the hype over the latest models brings high demand in the used market for the previous year’s variants. If you intend to upgrade every year, locking your used device’s value early makes sense.

2. Before & During Holiday Season

November to January timeframe sees increased smartphone purchases, translating to higher used phone prices. Try to target this wider sales window for closing your used iPhone deal.

3. Around the Next iPhone Launch

The month just before Apple announces its latest iPhones sees attractive trade-in deals and incentives. Time your sale to one of the reseller platforms around this period to take advantage of promotional campaigns aiming to source previous models.

Taking these demand spikes allows you to extract the maximum value out of your used iPhone 11. Outside these windows, it may still be worthwhile selling, but expect slightly lower quotes.

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Why Gizmogo Stands Apart from Other Buyers

Several online platforms today compete to buy used smartphones like the used iPhone 11 you have got for sale. However, certain aspects make Gizmogo a better choice compared to most other buyers:

1. Higher Value Quotes

Instead of following a template, Gizmogo provides quotes based on current demand dynamics after evaluating each device individually. Their pricing algorithm strives to fetch the maximum possible value for every used iPhone variant. You get a better deal than quoting average market rates.

2. Faster Processing & Payments

Gizmogo’s operations are optimized for speed while maintaining rigorous checks. Most sellers receive their payouts within a week of the platform receiving their shipped iPhone. The streamlined system facilitates quicker payoffs compared to many buyers who take weeks to process payments.

3. Premier Corporate Buyer Tie-ups

Gizmogo maintains partnerships with leading mobile vendors across channels, giving them substantial purchasing power. This allows your used iPhone 11 for sale to find high-value buyers that individual resellers cannot match easily. Their volumes allow for passing better deals to sellers.

4. Minimal Eligibility Criteria

Many peer-to-peer used marketplaces have complex rules regarding seller account standing that prevents listing quickly. Gizmogo allows anyone to sell their used iPhone seamlessly, irrespective of profiles on other platforms. If your iPhone 11 works normally without damage, nothing stops you from selling.

So when planning to trade-in your used iPhone 11 for instant cash, Gizmogo should be your first choice. Their transparent process, attractive quotes and buyer network gives you the best overall experience.


Selling your used iPhone 11 is simple and straightforward when using a platform like Gizmogo that handles all aspects seamlessly. In less than two weeks, you can convert or trade in your old device into cash safely without significant effort. To recap the key benefits:

  • Get an instant valuation quote for your used iPhone 11 for sale based on its condition
  • Leverage Gizmogo’s corporate buyer channels to obtain the best possible resale price
  • Free shipping label provided for safely sending your iPhone to their processing facility
  • Quick processing and online payment as soon as your device clears quality evaluation
  • Packaging and shipping your iPhone through reputed domestic couriers prevents transit damage

So why wait? If your used iPhone 11 for sale has been sitting at home unused for a long, trade it in for instant cash today. Selling it at the right time before new models arrive and during festive seasons gives you the optimal value. With minimal effort, you can convert unused electronics like old iPhones into a welcome bit of extra money.

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