E-Waste: Why You Should Never Throw Away Used Electronics

The evolving technology embraces every walk of our life, increasing our dependency on electronic devices to carry out our day-to-day tasks. More and more electronic gadgets release every month, which are marginally better and push older devices one step closer to becoming outdated.Say you got an older Samsung Galaxy S7, and this year Samsung decides to release the next generation of the Galaxy series, S21. Your first instinct will be to sell your phone, make quick cash and add it to cover your expenses in buying the Samsung Galaxy S21. However, when you try and recycle old electronics for money, you find out that your older Samsung Galaxy S7 is not worth more than $50. So, what do you do? You either dump it in a trash bag outside your house or clutter it in your closet along with years-old flash drives, mp3, and mp4 players. This is one of the many examples of why people throw their used and outdated electronic devices away.Here are the top four reasons why you should never throw away used electronic (e-waste).

Chemical Hazards

Yes, throwing away your smartphone, video game console, or other electronic accessories may relieve you from hoarding gadgets in your personal space, but know this, its consequences come full circle, and this practice damages our environment.Be it smartphones, laptops, or TVs; all electronic devices contain semi-conductor heavy metals. The longer these electronic gadgets sit in garbage bags or remain exposed to the sun, the higher the risk of mercury, lead, and arsenic leaking into the ground.How does this impact your lifestyle? Well, suppose these materials called e-waste continue to leak into our ecosystem. In that case, they will have adverse effects on the nearby plant and animal life, damaging our food supply in the process.

Make Money from Old Electronics

There are countless ways to make money by discarding the years-old defunct and outdated electronics. The easy one is to sell any electronic gadget immediately, whenever you think it will no longer be of any use to you. Sell such devices regardless of the offer you get. Do not put high expectations on it. Selling is still miles better than dumping electronics.Moreover, smartphones, computers, laptops, and other small-sized electronic gadgets come with precious materials such as silver, copper, palladium, and sometimes gold. While selling used electronics online or personally in the retail stores, always prioritize selling over lowballing. Many people back out just because they get quotes that do not meet their expectations. Say your iPhone 7 has a broken LCD and does not display anything; instead of keeping it with you or throwing away, you should sell your phone for its parts.Regardless of the location where you sold your smartphone, it gets stripped down to its bare bones. Tech companies buy back salvaged healthy electronic components and make more smartphones out of them. This is why you should always recycle old electronics for cash. It not only helps you get rid of clutter, but the parts from your sold electronics contribute to the making of future ones.

Protection of Personal Data

Another downside of throwing away your electronics is losing your personal data. Your smartphone, laptop, or computer, which you threw away, may contain sensitive data such as login credentials of your social accounts, bank accounts, and more. Moreover, even if you perform a factory reset, the data still lies in the device’s hardware and can be retrieved.This goes without saying that your act of tossing away electronics can also become a cause of ruining your reputation. Even if you delete sensitive information before throwing your electronics away, the data still remains on the hard disk and can be retrieved back by using data-restoring software.

Donating the Used Electronics

If you don’t want to sell your used electronics for cash and recycle, why not donate them to the people who need them the most.

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