How To Keep Electronics Safe this Summer

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Avoid heat related damage to your electronics with these top tips

1. Do not leave electronics in direct sunlight

Anything pass the ideal mid-70s temperatures can put laptops, phones and other devices at risk, causing a fire, a small explosion, or other hazardous things. Be cautious on where you place your cell phone, avoiding hot places like inside the car. If you have no choice, leaving it in a cool, dry place under a seat inside a cooling bag can be found on Excessive heat is known to crack plastics and can even damage internal parts of any gadget.

2. Leave devices in a cool area

To beat the summer heat, it is best to leave your sensitive electronics at room temperature, aiming at 73-76 degrees, which can make a world of difference. We expect the devices we own to be sturdy and durable, but keep in mind that they are sensitive to heat. To help keep them cool, consider installing a Thermoelectric Air Conditioner. This special A/C can help cool devices by removing any heat within the enclosure of laptops and computers and circulate col air throughout the space.   

3. Electronics with cases are the safest

For obvious reasons, investing in a case for your tablet, cell, or laptop is a great idea. Not only will you preserve the life of your electronic device, you will also be maintaining its appearance. Avoiding scratches and dents along the outer side of the devices can help you make more money when you are ready to sell.

4. Use a clear zip up bag when participating in water-based activities and sports

We have all been there-the phone just got wet! You will never have to say those words again after you try this genius hack. Grab a clear, zip up bag and place your phone in there when you take a swim at the pool or hit the waves at the beach. This cool trick will also help reduce the chances of sand getting into your mobile buttons and speakers.

5. Avoid charging phones and tablets under cushions

If you or someone you know is part of the the popular group of sleepers that charge their phones under a mattress or pillow, think again before doing it. Charging a mobile phone covered under a pillow can lead to excessive overheating and can cause an explosion to occur or even a fire to start. Also, be aware of torn or frayed charging cables. Be sure to change them out when needed. This will also reduce the risk of a negative situation from happening.   

6. Protect your phone when going to the beach

Refer to tip #4

7. Stack Money, Not Gadgets

In fact, stacking your devices on top of each other can cause more harm than good. When computers and other electronics are stacked directly on top of each other, it is a recipe for overheating. There is very limited space for air to flow out of the top of the devices. This results in the lowest gadget ventilating hot air into the upper piece versus cool air.   

8. Deep Clean Your Devices

All electronic devices should be cleaned regularly. Dust, dirt, and other debris can cause clogging in places like speakers and auxiliary ports. Any clogging like this can lead to overheating and eventually a shortened life of the gadget.

If you are handling computers and laptops, it is best to blow out the fans once a year for maximum cooling. Laptop fans can be accessed by opening the case usually on the bottom of it. It can be cleaned with a can of aerosol, otherwise a small vacuum cleaner with a hose will work.