Selling Cameras Online

Sell Your Camera Online, Hassle-Free

Are you hoping to sell your camera online? We rounded up the camera experts on the Gizmogo Team for some tips, tricks, and advice that will help you sell your camera for cash without worry or scam.

How to Sell Cameras Easily

Selling a camera is a little different from selling a phone or trade-in iPad. There’s a lot more variety in gear and setups, for one. So how do you even begin to start selling? Let’s take a look.

Find Out What You Have

Start off by getting the exact specs on the gear you are unloading. The model number is great, but it doesn’t stop there. Buyers will want to know the shutter count, which you can think of as similar to the mileage on a used car. It tells people how much or little the item was used. You’re going to need to upload the last photo it took to a service like for this, which will pull the shutter actuation from the EXIF data. You might also want to compare that number with one of the online databases that suggest the camera’s lifespan.

Determine Condition

A key part of this will be noting the exact condition of your gear, too. Is there cosmetic damage? Sensor dust that needs cleaning? What works and doesn’t? For lenses, do they have dust or scratches, alongside cosmetic damage? Go through the camera bodies, lenses, and gear you want to sell, and note honestly what state they are in. Upfront honesty will let you sell cameras quickly.

Preparing your Camera for Sale

So, how do you get your camera ready to sell online?

Remove Copyright Data and Reset

If you’ve added copyright details anywhere, it’s time to remove it or risk data leaks through the metadata. You’ll want to restore the camera to factory settings. This looks different on every model, so you may want to look it up online. But think ‘reset shooting options’ or ‘clear all settings’. You might want to give it a clean, too.

Check for Items

More than with any other device, you want to make sure you don’t accidentally leave a memory card in your camera. Also, remove any accessories you’re keeping- including camera straps or lens filters. If you plan to ship your gear, you need to remove and separately repack the lithium battery, too. It’s a fire hazard when shipping, so follow guidelines for safety.

Places that Buy Cameras

Now you know more about prepping your camera for sale, it’s time to figure out where you will sell your camera or Trade-in lens. Typically, you either head online to sell your camera yourself, or get cash for your camera through a used camera company. Each has its pros and cons.

Selling Camera Gear Yourself

This can get you more money for the camera gear if you have the time to wait. No middleman needs to make a profit on resale, so you can also control the price and how you sell it. But list too high and you won’t get a buyer, so don’t think that’s a blank slate. You need to charge within market value. You may, however, have to wait for offers from buyers. And you’ll have to do a lot more work. You will have to photograph the listing, manage it, answer all questions, and so on.

Using a Reputable Camera Buyer

It’s easier to trade in your gear to a reputable company. They all work a little differently, but typically you get a quote based on the state of the gear and specs, send the device in for evaluation, accept the quote, and get the cash. It’s faster and less effort than finding your own seller. Plus, it’s a bit safer and doesn’t need you to deal with random people.

Avoiding Scams In Private Sales

How do you make sure you don’t get scammed when selling your camera online? There’s more risk of using a private buyer than a reputable shop, so bear that in mind. Here are a few other tips. Cash Only: It’s far too easy to get scammed in a private sale unless you collect the physical cash yourself. At least use a platform with buyer-seller protection in place. For online used camera companies, simply make sure you use a reputable buyer. Signature on Delivery: This helps ensure you have proof that the buyer received the item if you’re shipping. Don’t Be Greedy: Scamsters often offer you above-market prices to force your hand through greed, so be wary of people offering overblown amounts or pushing you to move fast. Stay Safe: Meet at neutral, safe locations and take someone along. Never meet at home. And there you have it. Selling a camera online can be easy if you take basic safety precautions.

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