Repair iPhone vs Replace

Repair vs Replace: 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New iPhone

Most of us have gone through the heart-stopping moment when your iPhone drops, and time stands still for a few seconds. Even if it wasn’t a nasty fall, iPhone screens are notorious for cracking easily. This could be because the newer iPhones are getting sleeker, thinner, and delicate, making them prone to smashing.Cracking your screen is one of the many ways you can damage your iPhone. Other common issues include charging port failure, operating system issues, and water damage.In such situations, you have a choice to make. You can either get the issues fixed or sell your iPhone X and replace it with a new one. We’re sharing some reasons why buying a new phone is a better use of your money. Take a look.

1. Technology Upgrades

Smartphone technology is constantly changing. There are new innovations introduced with every new release. Technology upgrades aren’t something you can get added to your current iPhone. If you want the newest tech in your hands, the only way to get it is by buying a new phone. For instance, the new iPhone 11 comes with dual rear camera, night mode, and new camera UI. It also has the A13 Bionic processor, which is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone.

2. Better Battery Life

Has the battery life of your iPhone severely degraded? Apple offers battery replacement that can cost you between $69-$79. But that being said, replacing the battery will only improve the battery life. If there are performance issues with your iPhone, replacing the battery won’t be of much help.

3. Busted Body

A broken screen is one thing, but a completed busted phone is never really worth getting repaired. Whether you dropped your phone in water or something heavy fell on it, chances are you’d have to spend quite a bit on restoring it completely. All the hassles and expenses are simply too much to justify. So, it’s wiser to sell iPhone X that’s seriously damaged.

4. Scamming Possibilities

Repairing something like a broken screen is easy and not that expensive. However, it’s important to trust a reliable repair store that will use genuine parts. If you don’t go to reputable repair stores, you may be scammed with fake parts and poor repair solutions.

5. More Storage Space

Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone doesn’t have expandable storage. So if you want more storage space, upgrading to a new phone is a good option.

6. One Solution to Multiple Problems

As time goes by, more and more problems will show up with your current iPhone. The battery life will degrade, the processor will become sluggish, and the technology will be outdated. When there is a single issue, like a cracked screen, then getting it repaired is probably an economical option.However, When there is some flaw in every major feature, then getting them repaired isn’t the best idea. Buying a new phone is one solution to multiple problems.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, repairs end up costing more than the current resale value of the iPhone. It’s a much smarter option to sell iPhone X that’s not working properly than spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.