Apple’s FaceTime coming to Android phones

Apple’s FaceTime coming to Android phones

Apple users can finally video call their Android friends using FaceTime.

The great Android/Apple divide was just brought a little bit closer with the news that iPhone users will soon be able to FaceTime people on Android devices.

Fresh from WWDC 2021, Apple has revealed that the forthcoming iOS 15 will finally let you FaceTime all your family and friends, whether they’re on an Apple, Android or even Windows devices.

Up till now, the extremely popular method of video calling has only been available on Apple’s devices, such as iPhones and iPads, or Macbooks and Macs. But you’ll soon be able to add an Android pal to a FaceTime chat.

Apple’s annual operating system upgrade often brings a slew of features to get iPhone users excited. This year’s selection included a focus on new privacy features, and also a new look, and new compatibility, to FaceTime.

FaceTime now has more of a Zoom/Teams feel to it. Not only can you chat with non-Apple users, there’s a new grid-style layout too.

How to use FaceTime on Android or Windows devices

One thing to note here is that Android and Windows devices won’t be getting their own FaceTime app – that remains exclusively an Apple thing. Apple users instead will invite other devices to chat via a link. So if you’re on an Android, you might get a link from a friend in a text, WhatsApp message, or email inviting you to chat on FaceTime.

Click the link and you’ll then automatically head into your browser, which is where the FaceTime chat will take place. You won’t need to download or install anything, or even need an Apple account. FaceTime users can now schedule calls in advance (another new feature) so you might even receive the link in the shape of a calendar invite.

Bear in mind, only Apple devices can actually start a FaceTime call. You’ll still need to be on an iPhone, iPad or Mac with an Apple account to create a link to share on to others. The Apple in charge will also have the power to approve people into the chat.

Privacy is a big talking point these days, and Apple has said that FaceTime calls will always be protected by end-to-end encryption, even on web browsers.

Excited to FaceTime with all your friends, Apple or Android? Well, iOS 15 is not expected to arrive until Autumn (possibly with the new iPhone 13), so you’ll have to wait till then before you can share the FaceTime love (and the link).


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