Make Sure You Do These Things Before You Sell Your iPhone

Make Sure You Do These Things Before You Sell Your iPhone

When you are planning to sell your used iPhone, a number of questions and concerns may come across your mind. And you surely wouldn’t want to be a part of a lossy deal, right?That’s why it’s crucial to be mindful of a few factors while selling your iPhone.In this post, we are talking on those lines. Here you will find out about four  things that you must do before selling your iPhone.

1. Clean Up The Device’s Body and Hard Drive

Cleaning up your iPhone’s body and the hard drive before you sell it off is crucial.First of all, a clean and shiny iPhone will give the buyer a good feel regarding the device that they are going to buy. Secondly, resetting the device (clearing up the hard drive) will give the new owner a chance to start using the device from scratch, so they can set it up according to their preferences.Also, if you sell your iPhone before clearing up the storage, all your private information may be at risk. So, keep yourself safe from such problems.Tip: Don’t forget to create a backup of all the data that was there on your phone.

2. Find the Invoice

If you are planning to sell your used iPhone without the invoice, you may have to lose a few dollars on the deal. It’s a fact. Buyers may not trust your phone for authenticity until you provide them the bill for your device.Also, they are going to need the invoice if in case a problem arises in the phone. Apple service centers would ask them to present the invoice before they start fixing the device.

3. Sign Out Of iCloud, iTunes and App Store

You might have noticed that wiping off your iPhone doesn’t necessarily mean that your iCloud, iTunes and App store IDs are signed out.Basically, if you just wipe off, without resetting the phone, this case may arise.That’s why it’s important for you to ensure that you have not only wiped off the phone’s memory but also signed out from your iCloud, iTunes and App store accounts on this iPhone that you are planning to sell.You should also deregister your iMessage account from this iPhone.

4. Make Sure That You Are Selling it For the Right Price

If you are not willing to sell away your iPhone for a weak price, make sure that your device is being valued correctly.Many times, the buyers can be too adamant while negotiating. In cases like these, don’t lose your stand. Stay firm on the price that your device deserves.And if you want to avoid such hassles, sell your phone on a certified website. These websites buy devices in all conditions and pay reasonably for them.So, whether you sell your iPhone 11 or iPhone 5, you will get a good price that your device will deserve.

Final words

If you are selling your iPhone and don’t want to throw money for nothing, keep the above mentioned tips in mind.