Samsung vs Apple Emojis

It may be difficult for older generations to understand this, but emojis have become part of our communications. It is pretty difficult to imagine modern communications without emojis. While many believe, and it is a common trope, that emojis decrease our ability to communicate, the opposite is true: emojis improve our ability to communicate, and we can better express our thoughts.

Are Samsung and Apple emojis really that different?

Emojis are a very important communication tool nowadays, as we said, and people take this matter into consideration when choosing a new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone are the two most popular smartphones and it is not surprising that people would like to know which smartphone is better for emojis and emoji communications.

But what do we mean when we say Samsung vs Apple emoji comparison? Emojis are differently shown on a Samsung Galaxy vs. an iPhone 12. All popular emojis are available both on Samsung and on the iPhone, but they look different, not to mention that often the shortcuts for each are different.

Let’s start with the loudly crying face emoji. On the iPhone, the tears are shown as two large streams, while the eyes of the emoji are closed. On the Galaxy, the eyes are also closed, but there are three visible tears, while the emoji lies in a watery puddle, almost like a lake of tears.

Emoji Examples

Let’s compare the ghost emojis. The iPhone’s version of the ghost emoji has something that looks like a patch on his eye, whereas the Samsung ghost emoji looks like an owl. The two are very different, and if you look at Google’s ghost emoji, it looks a lot more similar to Apple’s emoji, but it is also different and unique.

The chipmunk emojis are a lot more similar, at least in terms of colors and pose. Still, the emoji, as shown on the iPhone, seems a lot more realistic, whereas the chipmunk emoji on the Galaxy is very cartoonish.

Then we have the cat emoji. The Samsung cat emoji looks a bit scary and is gray, whereas the cat emoji on the iPhone looks a bit weird, it seems like a mix of a cat, a mouse and a dog.

The old man emoji is another interesting example. The iPhone emoji doesn’t really look too old, more like a 50-year-old, but the Samsung emoji, on the other hand, has a full head of hair, albeit gray.

And the detective on the Samsung looks a lot more inconspicuous, whereas the surfer is wearing just his swimming trunks.

All in all, the Samsung vs Apple emoji comparison is interesting, to say the least.

Emojis are set by Unicode, but developers can add their own twists and changes when they create them. That means that emojis will change depending on which platform you happen to be using.

In most cases, the emojis look relatively similar, but in some, there are differences between them. So instead of comparing them, have fun and use them!