Samsung Vs iPhone

The most controversial question – Is Samsung or iPhone better

This is our attempt to answer the most difficult and probably the most divisive question when it comes to smartphones or cell phones in general. Is Samsung or iPhone better? This is a question that pretty much everybody who is buying a phone nowadays asks.Some are hardcore iPhone fans and would never admit that an Android can be better than an iPhone, whereas those who prefer a Samsung would argue that with Apple, you are pretty much paying for the brand name, whereas Samsung brings real quality to the table.

A debate that has been going on for over a decade

The battle has been ongoing, and the two giants have been fighting neck and neck for every user, for every potential customer in the past several years. It is probably safe to say that the iPhone is dominant in the US, as 45% of all smartphones used in the country are iPhones, whereas Samsung is a lot more popular in Europe, where the market share of the iPhone is significantly smaller.The first iPhone was released in June 2017 and since then, almost 3 billion units have been produced and sold. When we ask whether is Samsung or iPhone better, we’re actually asking whether the Samsung Galaxy is better than the iPhone or, to be more precise, it is iPhone 4 vs Galaxy 2, iPhone XS vs Galaxy S10, iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 and so on.The Galaxy S20 was released a month ago, while iPhone’s latest model, the iPhone 11, was released at the same time as the previous Galaxy model, the S10.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 more expensive, or is it better?

If you’re thinking of getting the newest model, you would need to decide between the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S20.First, we should compare the prices. We have to say right away the Samsung is a bit more expensive, as it is currently sold off-contract for $999, whereas the iPhone is significantly cheaper, and depending on its capacity, i.e., the storage size, it can cost you between $699 for the 64GB model and $849 for the 256GB model.So, if you’re willing to spend up to a grand on a new phone, then both models are an option for you, and you should base your choice on the initial question – Is Samsung or iPhone better?On the other hand, if you are still interested in getting the latest version of either iPhone or Samsung, but you’re not ready to splash a grand, then you can either go for a cheaper iPhone version, or you can look at the contract options offered by different carriers and pay for your new Samsung S20 during the next year or two years.Speaking of the features, the Samsung has 5G enabled, it is water resistant, and it has a 120Hz refresh rate, whereas the iPhone’s refresh rate is only 60Hz. The iPhone is also water-resistant and comes with dual SIM capabilities. The Samsung comes with 3-rate cameras, including a 64-megapixel telephoto one, so if the camera is an important feature for you, then you would probably go for the Samsung.