Samsung vs iPhone – Which one is better?

Samsung vs iPhone – Which one is better?

Samsung and Apple have been the largest players in the smartphone industry for a decade now. To be fair, at the beginning of the 2010s, Apple’s iPhone reigned supreme. Samsung, at first was seen as just another fringe player and many thought that Android isn’t and can’t be a match for iOS.Let’s just remind you, Samsung used to be Apple’s supplier and the American company was very satisfied with the products that the South Koreans delivered. Imagine how furious Steve Jobs was when they announced that Samsung is going to enter the smartphone market. As if that wasn’t enough, the Samsung Galaxy S immediately tried to establish itself as a serious competition for the iPhone. At first it wasn’t seen as such, but later on the question which is better – Samsung vs iPhone started making sense, and according to many, the Samsung was actually better.

The iPhone had a head start

Being older, the iPhone had a certain advantage. The first iPhone was released back in 2007. But, it wasn’t just that it was released earlier. Apple put in a lot of energy and resource into the iPhone, it’s developed, and, perhaps equally important, into marketing it, particularly in the US.The iPhone was globally dominant, un until the middle of 2012, when Samsung managed to sell almost as many phones as Apple, for the first time ever. Ever since then, the rivalry became even more intense. There were quarters and years when Apple was more successful and then there were times when Samsung managed to sell more phones, but generally speaking, iPhone was more popular in the States, whereas Samsung Galaxy was more prominent in Europe and elsewhere. In many ways, the answer that you were going to get to the question which is better, Samsung vs iPhone, depended on who are you asking. 

Technologically advanced and more expensive – Samsung Galaxy S20

After a brief historical retrospective, perhaps we should turn to the present and compare the two latest models of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy respectively, the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy S20.The Galaxy S20 was released in 2020, whereas the iPhone 11 was released in 2019, almost simultaneously with the S10. However, due to the fact that the S20 is the latest version of the Galaxy to be released, we will compare these two models.The cheapest version of the Galaxy will cost you $999, whereas the iPhone starting price $699. This alone is a significant different. However, the Galaxy does offer quite a few things that the iPhone is missing. Firstly, the Samsung supports 5G, whereas the iPhone doesn’t. It also supports both wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, whereas the iPhone only supports the former.When it comes to RAM memory, the Samsung Galaxy comes with astonishing 12GB, and 128GB storage space. Moreover, this phone has the option for expandable storage of up to 1TB. If we compare the cameras, it’s the Samsung again that has an advantage. The Galaxy is equipped with a triple-lens rear camera, as opposed to just two lenses on the iPhone. Not to mention that one.