Will Xbox series x and ps5 have crossplay?

Will Xbox series x and ps5 have crossplay?

Multiplayer games have become the talk of the town with Fortnight. With the availability of cloud technology, multiplayer games have been the perfect place for people with similar interests to meet. Minecraft, Rocket League, and Call of Duty: Modern warfare and PUBG are some of the several games that support cross-play.

Is it good or bad, our opinion?

We support the notion of crossplay whole-heartedly. PS4 had to face a significant backlash when their exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn released for personal computers.Some gamers are not supporting the crossplay between Xbox X and PS5. However, Sony and Microsoft are putting their differences aside and using cloud technology.While some people root for crossplay among consoles and computers, others support novelty. Though, we believe that the more the merrier.

So, the first Will xbox series x and ps5 have crossplay

Regardless of what you support, Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite have already announced that Fortnite player on Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, mobile, will be able to enjoy cross-play.The Fortnite players will have cross-console and cross-gen play. It means that people on X Box OnePS4, X Box Series X, and PS5 will be able to enjoy games.Some of the other games that will have the cross-play option are Minecraft and Chivalry 2, which have planned cross-play in the next generation. Destiny 2 is in the preparation phase for joining the ranks.

Why are the consoles moving towards cross-generation and cross-platform?

The question will xbox series x, and ps5 have crossplay essential because not everyone wants to own the same console. People also enjoy playing on computers with exemplary configurations.With cross-generation and cross-platform games, people with different consoles can play the same game together. People who like to play with their friends are likely to pick up a title because they want to play with them.The cross-platform games also increase the life expectancy of the game titles. With more console players on the same server, companies can expect a larger pool of players for a long time.

Fortnite announcement

When Epic Games announced a cross-gen and platform game, it laid extra emphasis on the fact that Fortnite will not have many changes, apart from the ability to use the new hardware to its maximum capacity.

Xbox Series X VS Play Station 5

These games can show that each of the gaming consoles prowess. Moreover, with the cross-gen and cross-platform option, people who are yet not ready to jump from your previous console will be able to play Fortnite for sure, and other games if and when they are announced.


X Box Series X and Play Station 5 will support crossplay at the time of launch. It is excellent news for people who love playing with friends without shelling extra money on a different console. With the economic downturn, but a high number of people at home, it will be fun to see the number of consoles sold once both of them hit the market.