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Is it wise to sell PlayStation 4 and get the latest PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5, also called PS5, is available for some time with very good graphics and quick loading. If you have PlayStation 4 or PS4, maybe you think to sell PlayStation 4 to buy the new one? Let’s dive into the key factors to help you decide.

Comparing the Hardware: Should You Sell PlayStation 4 for PS5?

When considering whether to sell PlayStation 4 to get a new one, the main thing is to check how different the machines are. The PS5 has much better processing speed, image quality and more space for storing games. This device has an AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores, a GPU that can handle 10.28 teraflops, and it comes with a specially made SSD of 825GB for very quick loading times.

On the other hand, the PS4 comes with an eight-core AMD Jaguar central processing unit, a graphical processing power of 1.84 teraflops, and a hard disk drive that is either 500GB or one terabyte in size. The PS4 Pro increases its graphic capabilities to 4.2 teraflops but it does not compare to what the PS5 offers. If you value the latest graphics and high performance, it may be worth it to sell PlayStation 4 and upgrade.

Console CPU GPU Storage Launch Price
PS4 8-core AMD Jaguar 1.84 teraflops AMD Radeon 500GB/1TB HDD $399
PS4 Pro 8-core AMD Jaguar 4.2 teraflops AMD Radeon 1TB HDD $399
PS5 8-core AMD Zen 2 10.28 teraflops AMD Radeon 825GB SSD $499 (disc) / $399 (digital)

You can notice that the specifications of PS5 are much better compared to the first PS4 and also the PS4 Pro. The quicker CPU, stronger GPU, and fast SSD help a lot in increasing how well it works. For players who value top graphics and quick loading, trading your PS4 for a PS5 is certainly worth thinking about.

Exclusive Games: A Reason to Sell PlayStation 4?

When you are considering if you should sell PlayStation 4 and buy a new one, it is important to look at the exclusive games available. The PS5 has several well-received exclusive titles such as Demon’s Souls, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Returnal. Many people are looking forward to new game releases including God of War: Ragnarök, Horizon Forbidden West, and the upcoming Gran Turismo.

While the PS4 possesses a remarkable collection of exclusive games, the majority of new and highly anticipated PlayStation releases will be limited to the PS5. If you are keen on experiencing these advanced games that make complete use of what the PS5 can do, it is a compelling argument for thinking about selling your PS4.

Certainly, some people might not be interested in getting the very latest exclusive games immediately. If you have a list of PS4 games waiting to be played or if you’re happy with what the PS4 has, there may not be an urgent reason for you to switch to a newer version right now. For people who like to have the latest in video games, trading a PlayStation 4 for a PS5 is the best choice.

Backward Compatibility: No Need to Sell PlayStation 4 Games

PS5 has a very good ability to play PS4 games. Almost all of these games work on the PS5 and they often run smoother, look clearer, and load quicker than before. PS Plus members have the benefit of entering the PlayStation Plus Collection which offers a range of excellent PS4 games at no extra cost for downloading and enjoying on the PS5.

This compatibility that goes backward means if you choose to sell PlayStation 4, it does not mean losing the ability to play the games you already have. You can keep enjoying these PS4 games on the new PS5, and sometimes they even come with better technical enhancements. Understanding that your collection can accompany you certainly adds to the attractiveness of selling your PlayStation 4 and moving on to the newer generation.

Cost Considerations: Can You Afford to Sell PlayStation 4 and Upgrade?

Certainly, the main consideration in determining if you should sell PlayStation 4 to buy a PS5 is the price. The PS5 costs quite a lot, with the model that has a disc drive being sold for $499 and the version without it for $399. Additionally, the price for new generation games has gone up, with a lot of recent ones starting at $69.99 rather than the old standard which was $59.99.

When you sell your PlayStation 4, the money received can be used for buying a PS5, but it probably won’t be enough to pay the full price. You must plan how to pay the rest of the cost for the console and also think about extra costs like new games and accessories that you might need.

It is a good idea to do research and find out how much money it is possible for you to get if you decide to sell your PS4. The price can change based on the type of model, how well it has been kept, what extra things come with it, and where you are selling it. Generally, a second-hand PS4 in nice shape might sell for about $200 to $300, and a PS4 Pro could go for $300 to $400. However, these prices can change with time; it’s best to look at the present market rates.

When you choose to sell your PlayStation 4 on a trusted site like Gizmogo, it is sure that the price will be good and the transaction safe. They provide good prices for second-hand electronics and simplify how you can sell them.

The Verdict: Should You Sell PlayStation 4 for PS5?

Choosing to sell PlayStation 4 and buy a PlayStation 5 is an individual decision that relies on many different aspects. Let me give you a brief summary of the key points to think about:

Reasons to sell PlayStation 4 and upgrade:

  •                     Major improvement in hardware power and performance
  •                     Access to new and upcoming exclusive games built for PS5
  •                     Ability to play nearly all PS4 games through backward compatibility, often with enhancements
  •                     Selling your PS4 can help offset the cost of upgrading

Reasons to stick with PS4 for now:

  •                     High cost of purchasing a PS5 and new games
  •                     Still a large library of great PS4 games to enjoy
  •                     PS4 is still being supported with some new cross-gen releases
  •                     Not every PS4 game will see significant improvements on PS5

If you feel happy about what the PS5 can do, want to play new games only for it and if you have enough money, then selling your PlayStation 4 to buy a new one is a smart decision. You will receive a strong console that gives top experiences with PlayStation games and lets you continue playing your current PS4 game collection.

However, if you are happy with what PS4 provides for your gaming needs, there is no pressure to immediately buy the latest devices and games. Should you choose to sell PlayStation 4, consider using a reliable platform such as Gizmogo. They provide good pricing for second-hand electronics, an easy-to-follow procedure for selling, and safe payment methods. With this method, you are able to obtain the maximum amount of money to allocate for your new PS5 purchase.