Sell Your Used Video Games to Gizmogo for Cash

Sell Your Used Video Games to Gizmogo for Cash

Video games provide hours of entertainment, but they can also take up space and collect dust when you’ve finished playing them. Instead of letting your used video games go to waste, you can sell them to Gizmogo for cash. Gizmogo buys used video games from customers and resells them after refurbishing. Selling your used games is an easy way to declutter and earn some extra money.

Why Sell Your Used Video Games?

Selling your used video games is beneficial for several reasons:

Make Money

The main reason to sell your used games is to make some extra cash. When you no longer play a game, it has no value just sitting on your shelf. By trading it into Gizmogo, you can convert your used games into cold hard cash. The amount you earn per game varies based on factors like title, console, and condition. But overall, you can expect to recover a good portion of what you originally paid. Scoring cash for games collecting dust is a smart money move.

Declutter Your Collection

Gamers tend to build up large collections of titles over time. But realistically, most people only actively play a handful of games at once. All those unused games simply take up precious shelf space. Selling your used video games is an easy way to declutter and organize your collection. Keep only your current favorites and get rid of the rest. You’ll earn money and free up storage space in one move.

Trade Up for New Games

Another great reason to sell your used games to Gizmogo is to fund new game purchases. The cash you earn can be used to buy the latest release you have your eye on. Trading in games you don’t play anymore subsidizes the cost of new titles you’ll actually enjoy. It’s a simple, effective way to keep your collection updated.

Recycle Unwanted Games

When you sell your used games to Gizmogo, it gives them a second life. Instead of tossing them in the trash, you allow the games to be recycled and enjoyed by a new gamer. Gizmogo refurbishes and resells all traded-in games. So your unused titles will find their way into the hands of fresh customers. Your trash becomes someone else’s treasure.

Sell your Game Console

How the Selling Process Works

Selling your used video games to Gizmogo is a straightforward process from start to finish. Here is an overview of what to expect:

Gather Your Games

First, take some time to go through your gaming library and pull the titles you want to sell. Make two stacks – one for games to keep and one for games to sell. Be ruthless here – only keep games you actually still play on a regular basis. Everything else should be fair game for trading into Gizmogo.

Check Condition

Next, examine the condition of each game you plan to sell. Make sure the disc and case do not have any major damage. Original packaging, manuals and sleeves boost the game’s value as well. Gizmogo accepts games in all conditions, but you’ll earn more cash for games that are in “like new” shape.

Research Pricing

Do a quick search online to estimate what Gizmogo will pay for each title. Pricing varies based on the game’s popularity, age, platform, and demand. Know what ballpark range you can expect to earn before going into the selling process.

Package Games Securely

Properly package up the stack of video games you are selling. For disc-based games, place each disc securely in its case. Make sure cases are not cracked. Bundle the games in a box or bag for safe transport.

Go to the Gizmogo website.

Head to your nearest Gizmogo website with all the details of your used video games in hand. You can find a convenient drop-off spot on their website using the store locator. There are locations across the country.

Get Your Quote

Hand your stack of used games over to the Gizmogo representative. They will inspect each title, scanning it into their system. Based on the current data in their database, they will provide you with a fair quote for the bundle.

Accept or Decline Quote

You can choose to accept the final quote offered by Gizmogo. Or if you are not satisfied with the amount, you are welcome to decline. There is no obligation to complete the sale if the quote seems too low. But in most cases, their quotes align with current market values.

Complete Transaction

If you accept the final quote, the Gizmogo representative will handle the payment transaction. They offer online cash or credit for used video games. The full amount will be paid out immediately at the store. Then, you simply walk away with cash in hand for your now unwanted games.

Gizmogo Resells Games

From there, Gizmogo takes care of processing, refurbishing, and reselling your used titles to new customers. Games are inspected, cleaned, tested and repackaged before going back on sale. It’s a simple, streamlined system that benefits both buyers and sellers.

Tips for Maximizing Value

Follow these tips to ensure you squeeze the most cash possible out of your unwanted gaming titles:

  • Sell popular franchises that are less than two years old
  • Check case, discs, and manuals for damage before selling
  • Keep all original packaging and inserts if possible
  • Research recent resale prices for the same title
  • Time sales to coincide with new release dates
  • Trade in large batches of used video games at once
  • Accept store credit for an extra 10% value
  • Ask about current trade-in promotions and bonuses

The better condition your used games are in, the more cash Gizmogo will pay—also, trading in games around the holidays and when new titles launch can score your bonus value.

Diverse Perspectives on Gaming Consoles

The gaming community is as diverse as the consoles it plays on, each with its own loyal following and unique appeal. Here’s a look at what gamers have to say about Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, including the PS4 and PS5.

Nintendo Enthusiasts

  1. Nostalgia and Versatility: “Nintendo always brings back the nostalgia for me, especially with their latest Switch console. The ability to go from handheld to TV mode is unbeatable for casual gaming sessions with friends.”
  2. Indie Game Heaven: “Nintendo’s eShop has some of the best indie games out there. It’s my go-to platform for unique, creative titles.”
  3. Family-Friendly Gaming: “Nintendo consoles have always been the most family-friendly. The Switch continues that tradition with games everyone can enjoy.”
  4. Retro Gaming: “I love how Nintendo embraces its legacy content with services like Nintendo Switch Online. It’s great being able to play classic NES and SNES games on a modern console.”

Xbox Aficionados

  1. Backward Compatibility: “Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility is a game-changer. Being able to play my entire collection from previous generations on one console is a major win.”
  2. Game Pass Value: “I’ve always been a PC gamer, but the Xbox Game Pass has tempted me to buy an Xbox. The value is just incredible.”
  3. Ecosystem Excellence: “Xbox’s ecosystem, especially with Xbox Live and Game Pass, makes it the best value in gaming today. It keeps me coming back.”
  4. Simplicity for Casuals: “I don’t game much, so the simplicity and ease of use of the Xbox Series S are perfect for me. It’s affordable, and I can play the few games I love without any hassle.”

PlayStation Proponents

  1. Next-Gen Loading Times: “The PS5’s loading times are practically non-existent thanks to its SSD. It’s a massive leap forward in gaming technology.”
  2. Graphics and Performance: “For me, the graphics capabilities of the PS5 are unmatched. Playing games in 4K at 60fps is a dream come true.”
  3. Social Connectivity: “The PS4 has been my social lifeline, offering amazing multiplayer experiences. I’m excited to see how PS5 takes that to the next level.”
  4. Ultimate Gaming Machine: “As someone who demands the best performance and graphics, the PS5’s hardware specs have completely won me over. It’s the ultimate gaming machine for hardcore gamers.”

Multi-Console and Niche Gamers

  1. Best of Both Worlds: “I own a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch, and I love them both for different reasons. The Switch for its portability and the PS5 for its raw power and exclusive titles.”
  2. Budget Considerations: “The cost of next-gen consoles like the PS5 is steep. I appreciate how Nintendo offers a more affordable entry point into modern gaming without compromising too much on quality.”
  3. Tech Admirers: “The PS5 and Xbox Series X are technological marvels, but the innovation Nintendo brings with its unique gameplay experiences always impresses me.”

These comments reflect the wide array of opinions within the gaming community, each highlighting what they value most about their console of choice—be it nostalgia, family fun, cutting-edge technology, or value for money.

Video games for various game consoles:

Elden Ring (Action RPG):

An open-world fantasy game known for its challenging gameplay and exploration (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/Microsoft Xbox S, PC).

God of War: Ragnarok (Action-adventure):

This sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 game follows the Norse mythology adventure of Kratos and Atreus (PlayStation 5).

Horizon Forbidden West (Action RPG):

Aloy returns in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by machines in this sequel to the hit game Horizon Zero Dawn (PlayStation 5).

Halo Infinite (First-person shooter):

The latest installment in the iconic Halo franchise (Xbox Series X/S, PC).

Forza Horizon 5 (Racing):

An open-world racing game set in beautiful Mexico (Xbox Series X/S, PC).

Psychonauts 2 (Platformer):

A creative and quirky platformer with a focus on mental health (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC).

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Action-adventure)

An open-world adventure with exploration and puzzle-solving at its core, often considered one of the best games ever made (Nintendo Switch).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Life simulation):

Relaxing and charming game about building a life on a deserted island (Nintendo Switch).

Super Mario Odyssey (Platformer):

A fun and whimsical 3D platformer featuring Mario (Nintendo Switch).

Stray (Adventure):

Play as a cat exploring a mysterious cyberpunk city (PlayStation 5, PC).

Disco Elysium (RPG):

An unconventional RPG with a focus on dialogue and exploration (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC).

Elden Ring (Action RPG):

Also available on PC, Elden Ring is a popular choice for its challenging gameplay and vast open world.

Stardew Valley (Farming simulator):

This relaxing and charming game is about building a farm and relationships (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC).

Hades (Action dungeon crawler):

A fast-paced and challenging dungeon crawler with a roguelike element (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC).

Monster Hunter Rise (Action RPG):

Hunt down giant monsters in this exciting game that emphasizes co-op play (Nintendo Switch). Sell Xbox One X

Don’t Miss This Easy Opportunity

Instead of letting your used video games sit around collecting dust, sell them to Gizmogo. It is a quick, convenient way to score cash and declutter your shelves in one step. Gizmogo makes the selling process seamless by offering competitive quotes and immediate payouts. So grab that stack of forgotten games and head to your local store. Turn unused items into money today by trading your used video games into Gizmogo.