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Sell ​your used iPhone 12 to Gizmogo ​for Instant Cash​

Selling your used iPhone 12 ​can be a great way ​to earn some extra cash, especially ​if you have an ​older model just lying around unused. With ​services like Gizmogo, you ​can easily sell your used iPhone 12 ​and get paid instantly without any hassle.​

Why Sell Your Used iPhone 12?

There ​are a few key ​reasons why you may want ​to sell your used iPhone 12:

​Upgrade to a Newer Model

If you’ve upgraded ​to a newer iPhone ​model, like the iPhone 13 ​or iPhone 14, you ​likely don’t need your used ​iPhone 12 anymore. Rather than ​letting it collect dust, resell it to ​put some cash back in your ​pocket. The used iPhone 12 ​still retains value and is in ​high demand.

Fund the ​Purchase of a New Phone​

Selling your used iPhone 12 ​is a great way to fund ​the purchase of a new ​phone. Use the payout ​to offset the cost of whatever new ​device you have your eye ​on.

You Simply Don’t Use ​It Anymore

Sometimes, our ​old devices just end up sitting in a ​drawer. If you have ​a used iPhone 12 you no ​longer use, reselling it ​is a smart way to ​declutter and make some money.​

It’s Damaged/Broken

​If your used iPhone 12 is ​damaged or broken, it likely doesn’t ​have much use ​to you. Even with ​cracks or defects, services like Gizmogo will ​buy it from you for ​parts. Get a payout rather ​than letting it go to waste.

Why Sell to Gizmogo?

Gizmogo makes ​it fast and convenient to resell your used iPhone ​12. Here are some of ​the key benefits of using their service:​

Fast and Easy Process

Selling to Gizmogo ​is a very simple process ​that can be completed entirely ​online. Just answer a few ​questions about your device’s condition, ship it to them ​for free, and receive your payout ​via PayPal, direct deposit, or check.

Competitive Pricing

Gizmogo offers ​very competitive pricing compared to other buyback services. Input the details of your used iPhone 12 to ​get an instant estimated quote. You’ll ​get the max value for ​your device’s current condition.​

Reliable Company

With an ​A+ rating from ​the Better Business Bureau, Gizmogo ​is a reliable and trusted ​company. They have purchased over ​2 million devices since their founding ​in 2009.

Risk-Free Shipping

Gizmogo provides you with ​a prepaid shipping label so you can send ​your used iPhone 12 to you at absolutely no cost. The ​shipping materials are also included for ​added convenience.​

What Conditions Does Gizmogo Accept for Used ​iPhone 12?

Gizmogo ​buys back used iPhone 12 models in any condition ​- working, broken, water damaged, etc. ​Here is an overview of the ​conditions they accept:

  • Working Condition ​- If your used iPhone 12 is ​in good working order with minimal cosmetic flaws, you’ll get the highest payout from ​Gizmogo. Be sure to ​factory reset the device before shipping.
  • Defective Condition – Used ​iPhone 12 models with defects ​like battery problems, damaged cameras, speaker ​issues, etc., can still ​be sold to Gizmogo at reasonable rates.​
  • Water Damage – Water-damaged iPhones are ​accepted by Gizmogo, even ​if they no longer power on. Disclose any liquid damage when getting ​your estimate.
  • Cracked Screen – Cracks, chips, or dents on your used iPhone 12 will decrease its trade-in value but you are still eligible for cash payouts.
  • Unlocking Required ​- If your iPhone is locked ​to a certain carrier, ​Gizmogo will cover the cost of getting ​its network unlocked before selling it.

​As long as you have a used ​iPhone 12 in your possession, Gizmogo will ​make you a fair offer for it.

How to Check Your Used ​iPhone 12’s Condition

Before selling your used ​iPhone 12 to Gizmogo, it’s ​important to thoroughly ​inspect its condition. This will ​enable you to accurately disclose any ​flaws when getting ​your price estimate. ​Here are some key things to check:

  • ​Screen condition – Check for any ​cracked/damaged ​glass, dead pixels, ​or display issues.
  • Camera quality ​- Open the camera app and test both front ​and rear-facing cameras.
  • ​Battery health – Check battery capacity in Settings ​to see if it holds charge well.
  • Buttons and ports – ​Make sure the volume, power, and mute ​buttons function. Inspect the charging port for ​damage.
  • Speaker and microphone – ​Place test calls or use voice memos to ​confirm they work properly.
  • ​Housing condition – Look for dents, cracks, or scratches on the ​phone’s outer ​shell and edges.

Taking a few ​minutes to evaluate the current state of your used iPhone 12 will ensure ​you provide accurate descriptions when ​selling to Gizmogo. Be as ​honest as possible!

How to Get Your ​Payout from Gizmogo

Once you’ve ​decided to sell your used iPhone 12 to Gizmogo, here ​is a step-by-step guide to ​getting your cash payout:​

  1. Request a Quote – Go to and input your iPhone’s details, such as model, storage capacity, and condition. You will then receive an ​instant price quote.
  2. Accept the Quote ​- If you are satisfied with the quoted amount, accept the offer and agree to Gizmogo’s ​terms and conditions.
  3. Ship the ​iPhone – Pack up and ship your used iPhone ​12 to Gizmogo using the free prepaid ​shipping label they email you.
  4. Inspection by Gizmogo ​- Gizmogo will receive and thoroughly inspect ​your used iPhone 12 to ​verify its condition matches what you reported.
  5. Receive ​Your Payout – Within 2 business days of the inspection, Gizmogo will directly deposit your payout or ​send it via PayPal or check.

It’s really ​that simple! In a few easy steps, you can turn your used iPhone 12 into cold hard cash, thanks to Gizmodo.

Common Questions about Selling to ​Gizmogo

If you’re thinking about ​selling your used iPhone 12 to ​Gizmogo, here are answers to ​some frequently asked questions:

  1. ​Does Gizmogo buy used, broken, or water-damaged iPhones?

​Yes, Gizmogo purchases used iPhone 12 models ​in any condition – ​working, defective, water ​damaged, cracked, etc. Any ​iPhone 12 can be sold for cash.​

  1. Can I get locked iPhones unlocked before selling ​to Gizmogo?

Definitely, if ​your iPhone is locked to a certain carrier, ​Gizmogo will cover the cost of ​getting its network unlocked ​before reselling it.

  1. Does Gizmogo ​buy jailbroken iPhones?

​Gizmogo does purchase jailbroken devices. However, it’s recommended to restore it ​to factory settings ​before selling it for maximum value.​

  1. How long does it take ​to get paid by Gizmogo?​

You will receive your payout via ​direct deposit or PayPal ​within 2 business ​days after Gizmogo inspects ​your shipped used iPhone 12.

  1. Can ​I sell my iPhone if ​I don’t have the original box ​or accessories?

Yes, ​you can still sell your used iPhone 12 to ​Gizmogo without the original packaging or accessories like ​chargers, earbuds, etc.

Selling your ​used iPhone has never been simpler. With Gizmogo’s seamless ​process, you can easily ​turn your old device into cash.

​Maximize Your Payout for Your Used iPhone ​12

Follow these tips ​and tricks to get the highest ​quote possible when selling your used ​iPhone 12 to Gizmogo:​

  • Reset to factory settings – This removes all personal ​data and ensures the phone is in clean condition for ​the next owner.
  • Clean ​the device – Use disinfecting wipes to gently clean ​off any dirt, debris, or grime on ​your iPhone.
  • Pack carefully – Use ​bubble wrap and packing paper to carefully package your iPhone ​to prevent damage during shipment.
  • Be honest about the condition – Accurately describe any scratches, defects, or problems to avoid quote adjustments later.
  • Include accessories ​- If you have the original charger, earbuds, or ​box, include them to maximize the phone’s value.​
  • Get service records – Having proof of recent repairs or ​maintenance done can increase perceived value.
  • Compare buyback sites – Check quotes from a couple of ​competitors to make sure you’re getting the ​best price.

With some prep work ​and research, you can feel confident you’re getting top ​dollar when you choose to sell your used iPhone ​12 to Gizmogo.

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Turn Your Used iPhone 12 into Cash ​Today!

Thanks to ​reputable buyback services like Gizmogo, it’s incredibly easy to sell ​used electronics safely and conveniently right ​from home. If you have an old iPhone 12 sitting unused, ​turn it into money today.

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  • Get paid ​quickly via PayPal or direct deposit

Don’t let your used iPhone 12 go to waste. Sell it to Gizmogo and get paid! With top-rated customer service and secure processing, you can have peace of mind throughout the cash-out process. Stop missing out on earning extra income from your unused tech. Visit now to get started!