Instant Cash Offers for Used Mobile Phones

Get the best Instant Cash Offers for Used Mobile Phones only

That old smartphone collecting dust in your drawer could be worth more than you think. With instant cash offers for used mobile phones from buyers like Gizmogo, turning unused devices into quick cash is easier than ever.

We have drawers full of old cell phones, tablets, and other electronics we no longer use. Maybe you upgraded to a newer iPhone model. Perhaps your Android phone started feeling slow and outdated. Or you received a hand-me-down device from a family member you never set up.

Whatever the reason, the unused electronics in your home could add up to hundreds of dollars in value. That’s money you could have in your pocket if you take the time to trade in those devices for instant cash offers for used mobile phones.

The Key Benefit: Speed and Convenience

Speed and convenience are the primary appeal of using a service like Gizmogo to sell your used mobile devices. Instead of trying to sell locally through classified ads or eBay, you can get a quick and convenient instant cash offer for phones and tablets in any condition.

Enter your device’s make, model, and condition on the Gizmogo website or mobile app to get an estimated value and cash offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll print a free shipping label to mail your device to Gizmogo. When your device is received and validated, Gizmogo sends a cash payment by your choice of check or PayPal.

Getting instant cash offers for used mobile phones only takes a few minutes. Gizmogo handles inspecting, testing, data wiping, listing, and selling the device to another buyer. You skip the hassle and collect your cash.

What Types of Phones Does Gizmogo Buy?

Gizmogo buys all popular makes and models of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. The most coveted devices are Apple iPhones and recent model Samsung Android phones. But you can also get instant cash offers for used mobile phones from different brands like:

Gizmogo will provide an instant cash offer for your used mobile device if it is powered on at some point. It doesn’t need to be the latest model or have any remaining warranty. Cracked screens, disabled phones, or devices bought second-hand can also be traded for instant quotes.

Tablets and smartwatches from any significant brand are also eligible for cash offers. Popular models like the iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab, and Apple Watch are often resold relatively quickly. Since every device has value to buyers somewhere, Gizmogo will make an offer on almost any mobile electronics.

Maximizing the Cash Offer for Your Device

To max out the instant cash offer for used mobile phones, factory reset and remove passcodes, locks, or accounts before shipping them off. For Apple devices, deactivate Find My iPhone as well. A quick wipe-down with disinfecting wipes to clean off significant grime or dust is also appreciated.

Be completely honest when answering the condition questions during the online instant quote process. If there are any cracks, chips, or problems with the device, disclose them to avoid offering adjustments later. Double-check that your device’s make/model and storage capacity listed are 100% accurate, too.

The easier you make it for Gizmogo to resell your device to another buyer, the higher value offer you can expect to receive in return. But remember that even phones with significant screen damage, disabled accounts, or barely working conditions still have components worth money.

Instant Offers Ensure a Fair, No-Haggle Price

The great thing about Gizmogo’s instant cash offers for used mobile phones is that you’ll know exactly how much you can sell your phone. There’s no need to haggle or negotiate the value. The fair market value offer is on your screen within seconds of entering your device’s details.

If you’re happy with the offer amount based on the phone or tablet’s condition, print a prepaid shipping label and send it off to get paid. The upfront, no-nonsense offers give you peace of mind that you’ll get paid quickly and fairly.

Gizmodo provides prepaid shipping packages for even more convenience for watch and wearable trade-ins. Just package everything securely, drop the box in the mail, and payment will arrive as soon as your item arrives.

Trade-In Multiple Devices for Even More Cash

You’re not limited to trading in one phone, tablet, or watch at a time. If you’ve been hoarding old devices like many of us, you could have a nice stack of money waiting for you. Gizmogo makes it easy to recycle 5, 10, or even 15+ devices at once if you have them.

The online instant quote tool lets you enter details for as many phones, tablets, or watches as you like, all on one order. You’ll get an individual offer for each, which you can accept or decline. Bundle up all the devices with their associated shipping labels and send them off in one box to streamline the process.

Then it’s just waiting for the combined payment from however many devices offers you accept. If you have a whole drawer full of unused phones and electronics, you could end up with hundreds of dollars in your pocket by cashing them all in at once.

Donating or Recycling Unwanted Devices

If you have ancient phones that no longer power on or turn on at all, Gizmogo may be unable to provide an instant cash offer. But that doesn’t mean the device has to go in the trash immediately!

Look into donation or electronics recycling programs for phones, tablets, MP3 players, and other electronics that don’t meet trade-in value requirements. Many non-profit organizations will take donated electronics in any condition for repurposing or recycling responsibly.

You avoid the hassle of selling devices with little to no market demand. The organization gets potential components, parts, or metals to reuse or sell to fund their cause—the planet also benefits by keeping more waste and toxic batteries out of landfills.

So before you throw out extremely old or broken mobile devices, check if any donation programs in your area accept consumer electronics. Recycling locally is always the most environmentally friendly option.

Turn Your Old Phones into Instant Cash Today!

Hopefully, you now see the potential hidden value in those unused phones, tablets, and other devices around your home. Instead of letting them keep gathering dust forever, turn them into instant cash today with Gizmogo!

Remember, Gizmogo buys all popular iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, and other smartphone models regardless of age, carrier, or condition. Tablets, smartwatches, laptops, game consoles, and more are eligible for competitive instant cash offers for used mobile phones.

It only takes a few minutes to get a no-obligation quote. Ship off your device with the free prepaid shipping label once you accept. Then, sit back until your PayPal or check payment arrives shortly after.

Stop hoarding electronics that could be earning you cold, hard cash! Visit or download the Gizmogo app to discover how much your unused phones or tablets may be worth today.

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