Best Online and Offline Venues to Trade In or Sell Your Used Phone for Cash

Truthfully, like many, I usually opt for my mobile carrier’s trade-in offer when upgrading my phone – it’s a convenient, time-saving solution, and a popular choice among consumers who adhere to the traditional two-year upgrade cycle promoted by major carriers and retailers.Nonetheless, despite its appeal, this option may not yield the highest return for your old, yet still functional, phone. With smartphones lasting longer and users retaining their devices for extended periods, accepting your carrier’s trade-in offer might prove less financially beneficial in the future.For the more adventurous smartphone users, a plethora of avenues to earn cash from old phones exists. It’s vital to explore each of these options thoroughly before discarding your old phone; significant potential earnings are at stake.

Sell Your Used Phone

Online tech marketplaces have gained popularity among consumers looking to sell their used phones and other electronic devices. Some of these platforms buy directly, while others serve as intermediaries for peer-to-peer transactions. To understand the nature of the platform you’re using, make sure to go through the help center or FAQs on the site.In this guide, we’ll provide example quotes for a typical used phone – a Verizon 256GB iPhone 12 in ‘good condition’, which implies normal wear and tear, full functionality, and no water damage.Remember, these example quotes are only for comparative purposes to highlight the range of prices offered by different platforms. Actual offers may vary depending on the time and advancements in technology, so don’t expect to receive exactly the same amount for your phone sale or trade-in.


The One-Stop Shop for Comparing Phone Buyback OffersThink of Gizmogo as the Priceline for mobile phone selling websites. Gizmogo simultaneously scans numerous bulk buyers, ranging from well-known entities like Decluttr to lesser-known ones, displaying the prices they’re willing to pay for your device. It provides a quick and fairly effortless way to gather multiple buyback quotes at once.

Retail Buyers

Selling Your Used Phone to Your Mobile CarrierEvery mobile carrier provides a trade-in option, typically for customers looking to upgrade their devices. The policies and the form of payouts (often as account credits, store credits, or gift cards valid within the carrier’s merchant network) differ from one carrier to another. However, cash payouts are generally not offered, although T-Mobile has previously covered old-carrier balances for new customers.Most carriers offer the convenience of completing the trade-in process online, allowing you to ship your old phone to a verification center. Visiting a physical store could be beneficial if you require assistance in transitioning to your new device or wish to explore the latest devices in person.Keep in mind that trade-in values differ by carrier and are generally lower than those on retail marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. For example, Verizon valued a 256GB iPhone 12 at $280, while an unlocked equivalent received an offer of $270 from AT&T.

Local Options

Explore Local Alternatives for Selling Your Used PhoneIf you’re not keen on using online marketplaces, returning your device to the mobile carrier, or engaging with large corporate retailers, local options might be a suitable alternative.These local methods might require more effort compared to listing your phone on a direct-buyer platform, but they can potentially offer a higher return on your used phone, making the additional effort worthwhile.”


There is an abundance of platforms where you can sell your used phone for cash. Even with minimal effort, you can still get a return on your old device.Indeed, it’s so straightforward to monetize your old phone that there should never be a need to discard it improperly. Electronic devices contain numerous harmful compounds that can contaminate the soil, water, and air over time. If your local area incinerates waste, chances are you might be inhaling trace amounts of toxic e-waste at this very moment.