How to sell my iPhone 8 Plus? Easy!

The iPhone 8 Plus was the more advanced model than the iPhone 8 and it was part of the 11th generation of the iPhone, together with the iPhone X. Most of the hardware on the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X was the same. Still, the iPhone 8 Plus was released three years ago, so if you own one, you might already be wondering how to sell my iPhone 8 Plus. After all, most people upgrade to a newer phone sooner, usually within two years. And you have previously switched to a new phone, but you still have an old iPhone 8 Plus lying around, you can still sell it.

Can I sell my iPhone 8 Plus locally?

There are many options as to where and how to sell your iPhone 8 Plus, you can sell it at a local smartphone repair shop, as many of these also sell used phones. They would often buy broken, or damaged phones at a lower price and then resell them at a lot higher price. That was particularly popular a while ago, when phones, so to say, lasted longer, whereas nowadays the more delicate part of phones such as iPhones are pretty expensive, and many would say that it’s not worth repairing them.

But an iPhone 8 Plus is a still a decent phone and many would be interested in buying it, especially if it’s in a good condition. However, these local shops aim to buy used phones on the cheap, so you might not get the price you expect, or even a price that’s close to it.

Another option if you are looking to sell your phone locally is selling it directly to the potential user. That could be your neighbor, your coworker, or one of their friends. But this is an even trickier option, it’s not the most convenient scenario.

How Gizmogo works

We would like to offer a more convenient option – namely, sell your iPhone 8 Plus right here, on gizmogo. Our platform allows people like you who are selling smartphones and other electronic devices. While there are many options, this one is pretty fast and very convenient, so we think that you will like it better.

At Gizmogo you choose the device that you would like to sell, or in this case iPhone 8 Plus. You will just need to answer a few questions so we can give you an initial price. The first question is about your carrier, or is the phone still under contract. Then we ask you about the phone capacity. The third question is the most important question and has the highest impact on the price.

The last question, if the smartphone is an iPhone has to do with the Apple ID and whether it’s locked or not. If the Apple ID is not locked, the price will be higher. You can get a maximum of $333 for an iPhone 8 Plus, provided that the phone is brand new, or like new. Before you send your phone, you we will need to verify your IMEI to confirm that the phone is original.