I have a very old iPhone, can I sell my iPhone 5?!

It has been a long time since the first iPhone was released. A lot has changed since then and Apple has released multiple generations of iPhones. Interestingly, the iPhone 5 was not the fifth, but the sixth generation of the iPhone and it was released back in 2012, so almost eight years ago. Not a lot of people would be thrilled if you give them a phone that was released eight years ago, so you are right to ask yourself – can I sell my iPhone 5?

Get up to $18 for your ancient iPhone!

The short answer is – yes, you can sell your iPhone 5 today, even eight years after it was released. You might be wondering who would buy a phone that’s eight years old. Eight years is too much for a car, let alone a phone. You wouldn’t use a phone that’s eight years old, none of your friends would, so who could you sell it to?

You probably forgot that you have an iPhone 5 lying around somewhere. It is still possible to sell it though. Gizmogo buys a wide range of electronic devices, especially smartphones and we still buy iPhone 5 models. You can get a maximum of $18 for your iPhone 5, but if your iPhone 5 is a 5S or a 5C, you can get $33 or $32, respectively. It is not very likely that there are many other places or sites where you can sell your iPhone 5, so let us explain how the process works and expand on your initial question – can I sell my iPhone 5.

How the process works

Once you visit the site, select Phones from the menu ‘Sell Your Device’ and then refine by brand, in order to be able to find the iPhone 5 faster. Before you select you will see that the maximum price that we can offer you for the iPhone 5 is $18.

First you will need to select your carrier, unless of course the phone is no longer under contract. If that is the case, you can choose the option ‘Unlocked’. The next question is about the capacity, there are three options here. The third question is the most important question, i.e. it has the most significant impact on the price and can determine how much will Gizmogo offer you for your iPhone 5. This question is about the phone condition. There are four options here – brand new, like new, good and damaged.

Brand new is a phone that has never been used before and is still sealed in its original package. The next option is very similar. A phone that’s like new is a phone that should have no signs of use and has to be fully functional, without any operational problems. A phone in a good condition is a one that has been used and can have signs of wear, but it needs to be fully functional and operational. Finally, you can get money even if the phone is damaged. The last question is about the Apple ID and is it locked. If it’s unlocked the price will be higher.