We’re answering your question – How to sell my iPhone X?

The iPhone X was released back in 2017 and while many of these phones are still used and can be used, iPhones have a reputation for being long-lasting and persistent, but a lot of people have already switched, or so to say upgraded to a newer version. If you have that version and you’d also like to upgrade, you are surely wondering how to sell my iPhone X.

It is possible to sell iPhone X for cash and we are going to explain the process and basically help you sell your old iPhone.

Sell your iPhone directly to a buyer

There are several options that are at your disposal when you want to sell your phone. You can try to sell it directly to someone who is looking to buy and old, used phone. That’s a very viable option. Everybody has a smartphone these days and those who don’t need the newest and most advanced model, will gladly buy an iPhone X that’s in a good condition.

There are a few problems with that though. Firstly, you will need to find someone who is looking to buy that particular version, or in this case iPhone X. Of course, there are plenty of people who would interested, so it might seem easy to find a person who would be interested, but logistics is another issue here. You need to live nearby or have a way to send the phone to the potential buyer. And then what happens if somebody changes their mind, how can you be certain that you will get your money and how can the potential seller be certain that they will get the phone? A lot of questions, so perhaps this option doesn’t give the answer to your original question – how to sell my iPhone X? Let us look at some of the other options.

Sell your iPhone X via an online platform

Another option is to sell your smartphone via a platform that provides these types of services, i.e. that allows people to find potential buyers for the goods and services they are selling. This is a better option compared to selling it directly to a potential buyer, because the platform will provide protection, the transaction will be safe and guaranteed. Security is an important matter for the seller, as well as for the buyer.

You can advertise your phone, set a price and wait until an interested buyer responds to your ad. You would still need to negotiate if you can’t get the price that you want.

Sell it right here at Gizmogo

Finally, there’s the simplest and the easiest option – Gizmogo. You can sell your iPhone X right here. The maximum price that you can get for that version is $388 and the actual price that we would offer depends on the state of the phone, the carrier, whether the Apple ID is locked and the phone’s memory capacity. Its condition is, of course, the most important factor here. But, you can get money even if the phone is damaged. Once you send your phone and we reevaluate it, you would get your money within 24 hours.