best smartphone in the world – Samsung or iPhone

Which is the best smartphone in the world – Samsung or iPhone

There are objective parameters when discussing phones and whether one model is better than another. But this is also a matter of personal preference, and each of us has the right to choose which model, company and operating system they prefer and make their pick when buying a new phone. Even those who own or prefer other models like Huawei or Xiaomi agree that Samsung and the iPhone are the two giants in the world of modern smartphones and it usually boils down to the following question – is Samsung or iPhone best?

Both phones have passionate fans.

This is where it becomes a bit difficult. Namely, we first need to set the standards and decide what we consider best and how we determine which phone is better when comparing two phones. Do we speak of Samsung phones and iPhones in general? That wouldn’t make a lot of sense because different models have different features and characteristics.So, when we are comparing the Samsung and the iPhone we are usually comparing the latest versions, or versions that were available and popular at roughly the same period of time. That can be a bit of a challenge, as Samsung has released more versions, but it is still possible to compare models that were available simultaneously.In terms of Samsung, it is usually the Galaxy that’s compared against the iPhone. Unlike Apple, which only has the iPhone, Samsung has released a wider range of models over the years, including cheaper, affordable models that tend to be more popular in countries where the population has a lower purchasing parity, as well as the Galaxy, which is the iPhone’s arch enemy and is generally more popular in Europe, to a lesser degree North America.

Let’s compare the latest models.

If we are to do that comparison today and try to decide which is ultimately the best phone at the moment, we should be comparing either the Galaxy S20 against the iPhone 11 or the Galaxy S10 against the iPhone 11. Let’s do two brief comparisons as that might shed light on the question.The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most recently released phone by both of the giants; the iPhone 11 was released simultaneously with the Samsung S10, but be that as it may. In terms of the price, the Samsung S20 is sold at a standard price of $999, compared to the iPhone 11, which can be bought for $699, $749, or $849, depending on the capacity. We’re talking, of course, off-contract.The Samsung is better in many respects, but it comes at a much higher price. The Samsung supports 5G, has three rear cameras as opposed to the iPhone’s two, and has a better pixel density. The Galaxy S10 is closer to the iPhone in terms of pricing, but it lacks some of the features of its successor. Considering that both phones are sold at a similar price, they make for a perfect comparison between the two. Most people have already made up their minds before even looking at the features and the characteristics, but if you are not a fan of either Samsung or iPhone, think carefully and make the decision yourself; only you can decide if Samsung or iPhone best smartphone today.