Samsung vs iPhone – which is best? What do you think?

Multiple companies produce smartphones, but it is generally and globally accepted that Samsung and Apple are the two largest players on the market. These companies produce the best and more powerful smartphones and the question – Samsung vs iPhone, which is best is asked on a regular basis, frequently.

Out of dozen companies that produce smartphones, there is no doubt that Samsung and Apple are the best. But, deciding which out of the two is best is a lot more challenging. One of the ways to determine Samsung vs iPhone, which is best is to look at the sales figures of the two companies in the past decade or so. We will also take a look at the latest versions of the two smartphones and see which is best.

Samsung sells more smartphones than Apple

The first iPhone was released in 2007. Apple put a lot of effort, a lot of energy and a lot of funds into the project. The iPhone wasn’t seen as just one of the smartphones that are available on the market, the iPhone was the leader, the device that set the example for everybody else.

It seemed that nobody would come even close, at least for a while. Many people were surprised when Samsung decided to launch a smartphone. This was even seen as treason by some people at Apple, considering that Samsung was one of Apple’s suppliers and nobody thought that the South Korean company would launch a smartphone, not to mention the fact that the first Galaxy looked a lot like the iPhone.

During the first few years it did seemed that the Galaxy will be no match for Apple’s iPhone. After all, the iPhone was already established, and it was the leading smartphone on the market. It didn’t seem that any other would come close. Two years after the first Samsung Galaxy was launched, Samsung managed to sell as many units as Apple. Since that moment onward Samsung regularly managed to sell more items than Apple. Does that mean that we can conclude that the battle Samsung vs iPhone, which is best is clear? Not everybody would agree though.


Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most powerful smartphone nowadays

One way to determine which is best is to take a look at the current, or the latest versions of the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, respectively, and see which has better characteristics, better features and can generally be described as the best smartphone available currently.

The two latest versions are the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 11. Firstly, the Galaxy is more expensive, about $300 more expensive. The starting price of the Galaxy is $999, whereas the starting price of the iPhone is $699.

The Galaxy is significantly more powerful than the iPhone – it supports 5G, it has 12GB RAM, and it supports external memory, not to mention that it supports external memory and it has a larger screen, despite the fact that it is also lighter than the iPhone. The Samsung has a triple-lens camera, whereas the iPhone has a dual-lens camera. All in all, it is not easy to conclude which is best in the matchup Samsung vs iPhone.


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