Looking to sell used electronics? Here’s how!

You have a bunch of used electronic devices lying around your house? We all do. Never used, always there. Some of these devices have been buried at the bottom of a drawer for so long that even if end up needing them you won’t remember that you have them in the first place. So, the question is how to sell used electronics? There are few questions here, but the first is pretty obvious – can it be done at all? Is it possible to sell used electronics? Let us answer that question right away – yes, it is possible to sell used electronics and we will explain how.

How good are your friends

You can go the old-fashioned way and try to sell it directly to people who might be interested and would like to use the devices that you’re no longer using. Where and how do you find these people then? You can go through friends and try to sell to your friends or to their friends. Ask around, maybe some of your friends will be interested, or perhaps they might know someone who is interested. Maybe you can offer them a commission, or a percentage of the sale just to get them more motivated.

So, this is one answer to the question how to sell used electronics. This can be a bit tricky though. Trying to get your friends to sell your used electronics can be a bit uncomfortable, how do you even ask people to start selling your used devices. So, if you feel reluctant about it, perhaps you can look at other options.

How about the flea market

There’s another conventional or should we say, traditional option. You can try to get rid of your used electronics on the local flea market. If there’s a flea market in your town or area, this might be something you should consider. You can get rid of everything at once which can be pretty useful if you are trying to sell a larger number of items.

Bear in mind that you won’t get a high price for electronic devices on the flea market. Nobody is willing to pay a good price on the flea market. So, if your devices are in a good condition and you think you might get a good price for at least some of them, you won’t be satisfied with the price. In other words, you can sell used electronics on the flea market, but you can’t sell them even close to the price that you’d expect.

How about trading in

Some electronics sellers allow you to trade in used devices. Trading in basically means that you will not be given money, but vouchers or gift cards that you can use to buy new devices from the same company.

If you have some devices that are in a good condition and you are thinking of buying new versions, you should definitely consider trading in. Always check the options, as well as the terms and conditions. Are there any additional costs, how long do you need to wait and what devices can you sell – these are some of the issues.

Usually you will need to provide certain details about the item, answer a few questions before you get a quote. If you accept the price that is offered you can bring the item to the nearest venue of the company that you are trading your item with, or you can ship the item. Some companies offer a free shipping label, whereas others would expect you to bear the shipping costs. In short, that’s the option of trading in used electronics.

It’s Gizmogo

Finally, we have one very convenient option. Here’s how to sell used electronics – Gizmogo is the answer. Gizmogo buys a wide range of used devices, including not just cell phones, but also laptops, tablets, drones, speakers, iPods, smartphones and many more.

So, if you have a long list of electronic devices, pick the first from the ‘Sell Your Device’ menu. Give the details that are required, and you will get a price. If you are satisfied with the price, click add to cart and proceed with the next device. If you are looking to sell cell phones, you will also need to verify the IMEI number, so that it will be certain that it is the original device. Gizmogo will not buy a device that has been lost or stolen.

One thing that differentiates Gizmogo from its competitors is the range of devices that can be sold. The prices are quite decent as well. Moreover, Gizmogo will give you a free shipping quote, so there will be no extra cost. Once the devices reach Gizmogo, company experts will reevaluate the devices and either confirm the prices or amend them. If you accept the prices, you will get paid within 24 hours and more importantly, in cash. Not vouchers or gift cards, but actual cash.