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Selling Old Electronics to Gizmogo

Have some old smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other electronic devices lying around your house that you no longer use? Don’t let them collect dust – turn them into cold hard cash instead by selling old electronics to Gizmogo!

Why You Should Consider Selling Old Electronics

With the pace at which technology advances these days, it’s easy for perfectly good devices to quickly become obsolete. However, just because you have upgraded to a newer or better model doesn’t mean your old electronics are worthless. Far from it, in fact! By selling old electronics to Gizmogo, you can earn a nice bit of extra money from electronics you’re no longer using.Trade in your used devicesHere are some of the top reasons you should consider selling old electronics to Gizmogo:

Make Some Extra Cash

Rather than letting your old devices languish unused in a drawer somewhere, you might as well convert them into cash you can use. The money you earn from selling old electronics can pay for little luxuries, bolster your savings, or help fund the purchase of your next new gadget.

Free Up Clutter

Letting old electronics pile up around your home over time can really clutter up your spaces and make things feel chaotic. By selling old electronics you no longer need, you’ll also create some extra space and reduce clutter.

Keep Devices Out of Landfills

When electronics aren’t recycled or reused, they often end up in landfills where hazardous materials can leak out and cause environmental damage. By selling old electronics to Gizmogo for refurbishing and resale instead of tossing them out, you help reduce e-waste.

Convenient Process

Gizmogo makes selling old electronics quick and convenient. Just answer a few questions online about your device’s make, model and condition and you’ll get a free instant quote. Once you accept, just print a prepaid shipping label and mail off your items. Payment happens via direct deposit as soon as your device sells. Easy!

What Types of Used Electronics Can You Sell?

Gizmogo buys a wide variety of used consumer electronics from major brands. Some of the types of used devices you may be able to sell to them include:


Recent model iPhones and Android devices that are in good working order are excellent candidates for selling old electronics to Gizmogo. Make sure to factory reset your device to wipe personal data before sending it in. Popular brands bought include Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Google.


Do you have an older iPad or Android tablet lying around that you no longer need? Tablets that are less than 6-7 years old from major brands like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon and others can potentially be resold via Gizmogo.


While less likely to retain value over time compared to smartphones and tablets, you may still be able to get decent cash for more recently manufactured laptops. Mainstream brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, and Asus are typically accepted.


Got an Apple Watch or Android-compatible smartwatch you want to part with? If it’s a fairly current model in working order, go ahead and get a price quote from Gizmogo. Brands purchased include Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and more.In addition, Gizmogo may also buy certain other electronics like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, video game consoles and accessories, digital cameras and more. Check their website for their latest list of categories eligible for selling old electronics.

What Condition Should Devices Be In for Selling?

To get the best price when selling old electronics to Gizmogo, you’ll want to make sure your items are in good, working condition – the higher quality the device, the better payout. Here are some tips for preparing your electronics:

Test Functionality

Make sure the device turns on and off, holds battery charge, responds accurately to taps and swipes, and features functioning ports/buttons. Testing everything ahead helps avoid issues down the line.

Check Condition

While some cosmetic wear is OK, cracked screens or casings and missing parts can negatively impact value. Be sure to inspect carefully and describe any flaws when getting your quote.

Reset Device

For smartphones, tablets and computers, be sure to back up data locally then conduct a full factory reset. This protects your privacy by removing all personal information stored on the device.

Include Accessories

Including relevant accessories like cases and chargers typically raises the appraisal value – be sure to send applicable extras when shipping your device. Just don’t send sensitive info like SIM cards or memory cards.Taking a bit of time to clean up and test your used electronics helps ensure you earn top dollar when selling old electronics.Sell Used Devices

How the Selling Process Works with Gizmogo

Gizmogo makes selling old electronics a breeze through their convenient online process:

Request a Quote

Visit Gizmogo’s website and answer a few simple questions about your device’s model, storage capacity, carrier network and overall condition. This generates a free instant price quote for your used electronics.

Ship for Free

If the quote seems fair, accept the offer to get a prepaid shipping label emailed to you at no cost. Carefully package up your items, attach the label, and drop off the package at your nearest UPS location for shipping.

Receive Your Payout

Once Gizmogo receives and processes your device to verify its quality matches the initial assessment, they resell it to a new owner. After it sells, you’ll receive your agreed-upon payout via direct deposit in just 1-2 business days.It’s really that simple – usually taking 7 business days or less from the initial quote to money in your account when selling old electronics to Gizmogo.

Why Should You Choose Gizmogo for Selling Old Electronics?

Wondering why you should select Gizmogo as your buyer of choice for selling old electronics over other options? Here are some of the key advantages Gizmogo offers:

High Price Quotes

Gizmogo prides itself on providing extremely competitive quotes for used devices that beat many other sites. Better quotes mean more money-earning potential when you sell your old electronics.

Free Shipping

Rather than paying out of pocket to ship your items to Gizmogo, they email prepaid shipping labels upfront so the entire process is free. That convenience incentivizes selling old electronics.

Fast Payments

Once your shipped electronics sell to a new owner, Gizmogo swiftly processes direct deposit payments in just 1-2 business days. No need to wait long periods to get your cash.

Minimum Effort

With free quotes online, free shipping labels, easy packaging/drop-off and speedy digital payouts, Gizmogo minimizes effort getting cash for used electronics.

Reliable Reputation

With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating demonstrating responsible conduct and thousands of positive customer reviews, Gizmogo offers a trustworthy, reputable selling experience.

FAQs About Selling Old Electronics to Gizmogo

Have some other questions about the ins and outs of selling old electronics to Gizmogo? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What types of personal information should I remove from my device before selling?

Before selling your old electronics, conduct a full factory reset to wipe all data – this removes accounts, passwords, photos, documents, downloaded apps/media and other personal information stored on the device. This protects your privacy when reselling.

How soon after I ship my items will I get paid for selling my old electronics?

In most cases, Gizmogo processes payments via direct deposit in just 1-2 business days once your shipped electronics are sold to a new owner. So you receive your agreed-upon compensation very promptly.

Can I get price quotes for multiple used electronics I want to sell?

Absolutely – Gizmogo allows you to get individual price quotes for as many separate devices as you like. You can then choose which items make sense for selling old electronics based on the quotes provided.

What happens if Gizmogo’s assessment differs from my device condition description?

When buying used electronics sight unseen, Gizmogo’s evaluation may occasionally differ slightly upon inspection. In such cases, they’ll contact you to discuss adjustments if needed before finalizing the purchase.

Can I bundle multiple items together when selling old electronics to Gizmogo?

For convenience, Gizmogo lets you combine several used electronics in one shipment as long as you get separate quotes upfront for each individual item. However, device condition assessments and payouts are still conducted individually.Ready to turn your old gadgets into cash? Give Gizmogo’s quick quoting tool a try and see how much money you can earn by selling old electronics today!