Dos And Don’ts of Selling Old iPhone

The Dos And Don’ts of Selling Old iPhone For the Best Price

Apple has been at the forefront of mobile technology, releasing a new iPhone every year or at least every two years. Even though a year might not seem like a long enough time to justify purchasing a new iPhone, people still rush to stores as soon as the newest iPhone hits the shelves. Famously, you might even have seen fans lining up outside Apple stores to be the first one to get the latest gadgets.You don’t have to have such extreme fascination to want to upgrade to the newest model. But as you climb up the ladder in terms of iPhone generations, the price will subsequently rise. It’s no surprise that the iPhone doesn’t come cheap. But if you sell your iPhone XS Max or whichever phone you currently own, you can put the extra money towards the new purchase.Luckily, iPhones are easy to resell and fetch a reasonable price. If you’re planning to sell iPhone XS Max, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind to get the best price. Take a look.


1. Be a Careful User

If you’re purchasing an iPhone with the intention of upgrading it when the next one releases, then it’s important to be a careful user. We know that putting a phone case will hide the phone’s sleek design, but it’s necessary. Also, get a high-quality screen guard. These simple steps will keep your iPhone looking new even after months of use.

2. Restore Factory Settings

Backup your data, photos, songs, and any other content, and delete them all from your phone. Then restore the factory settings. Remember, the goal is to make the phone appear as new as possible.

3. Fix Broken Screen

If you have a smashed iPhone screen, then fix it before selling it. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but would you want to purchase a phone with a broken screen? It doesn’t exactly show your phone in the best light to the buyer.


1. Procrastinate

As soon as new iPhone releases, the value of your current iPhone will fall. And it will continue to further depreciate with every new release. Therefore, time is of the essence. If you’re interested in getting the latest iPhone, then put your old one on the market soon.

2. Meet Up with a Sketchy Stranger

When you decide to sell iPhone XS Max, there are several options available. Sure, you can list it on your social media platforms, and maybe one of your followers will buy it. But why take the risk of communicating with a stranger when there are legit marketplaces available? You’re better off selling your phone to a third-party buyer instead of meeting up with a sketchy stranger.

3. Throw Away Original Packaging

Don’t get rid of the original packaging that the iPhone came in. The same goes for the charger, earphones and other accessories that came with the phone. Often, individual buyers appreciate the iPhone being delivered in its original packaging, as it lends it a feeling of newness.Take your time to compare and find the right buyer for your iPhone. Hopefully, this brief guide will help you get the best price.