iPhone 5c

Here’s Why It’s Time To Part With Your iPhone 5C

Every year tech giant Apple hosts major launch events, which garner audiences from all over the world. To up the ante and fuel the buzz, Apple often doesn’t reveal the purpose of the event. And this tactic works! Millions set up alarms to watch the event live.Arguably, the iPhone is one of the most anticipated tech releases of the year. Apple, being one of the most successful corporations, has mastered the art of capitalizing on planned obsolescence. A clever design upgrade, new accessories, or a better camera, and people are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars.However, this religious dedication to upgrading, despite having a perfectly functioning phone, is deemed as wasteful by many. That being said, it’s time to sell your iPhone 5C, which may even be considered antique by some.But didn’t we just express how unnecessary it is to upgrade to every new release? Yes, but this is a different case. You are stuck with a 6th generation product, Apple has moved on to the 13th generation! You read that right, there is a staggering difference of five generations of upgrades between your current phone and the latest release from Apple.While every release might not offer technological advancements that would justify the expense, there are significant differences between iPhone 5C and iPhone X or 11, which makes it worth the money.

So what would you get if you sell iPhone 5C and get your hands on the shiny new iPhone 11 or iPhone X?

Just speaking in terms of the body of the phone, there is a significant difference between the two. The iPhone 5C has a plastic back and frame, which probably looks a bit cheap and fragile. On the other hand, both iPhone X and 11 come with sleek stainless steel and glass back. The screens of the newer models are more than 60 per cent larger than the iPhone 5C’s screen. They boast scratch-resistant glass, 3D touch, and 625 nits max brightness. 13th generation iPhones are also water and dust resistant. 

If you enjoy photography

 If you enjoy photography, then the triple camera offered by iPhone 11 and X Plus should be an incentive. Now, you can take professional-grade photos and record ultra-smooth videos with a resolution that goes up to 3840×2160 (4K UHD).Are you always frustrated with your iPhone 5C lagging or hanging every time you run an app that requires a lot of processing power? Well, with iPhone 11’s Apple A13 Bionic, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.Also, the iPhone 5C has limited capabilities in many ways, including the option to insert just one SIM card, while in an 11 Pro Max you can enjoy dual SIM.iPhones have been notorious for having a poor battery life. Lucky for you, the newest models are advertised to charge up to 50 per cent in 30 minutes. These fast-charging iPhones also come with Qi wireless charging.These are just a brief overview of all the wonderful and advanced features the latest iPhones have to offer. So if you’re planning to sell iPhone 5C, there is no better time than now.