How To Sell An iPad Online

The iPad is Apple’s version of a tablet which uses a proprietary operating system that is the same as the iPhones and iPods. Like most electronics nowadays, the iPad comes in various sizes, capabilities and speeds. When you think it is time to replace our iPad with a new one, then look at selling your iPad online. The process to sell your iPad is listed below and if you follow these instructions, you should have cash in hand in no time.

Determine Your iPad’s Value
Determine Condition

When you want to sell your iPad online, examine it thoroughly for scratches, dents, and cracks. Most buyers will expect some cosmetic damage with a used product, so they shouldn’t mind the occasional scratch or dent.  

Determine Specifications

You should be able to find the specification in the menu of the iPad or at least get the model number so you can look it up on Apple’s website.

Some key terms to look for:

  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Operating System
  • Resolution

Research Prices of Other iPad Listings Online

When you want to know how to sell your iPad online, knowing the specifications of your item will help you research what other sites are selling refurbished or used iPads and for how much. You want to be comparing apples to apples when narrowing down a final price to list your unit.

Decide Where To Sell Your iPad

IPads are one of those products that sell well on the internet. They retain their value and are sturdy products so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a suitable market for them. Several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your iPad including eBay and Craigslist. Others include Facebook and Kijiji.

iPad Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Buybacks and trade-ins are also very popular when it comes to getting rid of our old electronics. Places that buy iPads online like Gizmogo can help take your iPad off your hands with little fuss in the following ways:

  • Ship your iPad to them for free – they will send you the label
  • Get paid quickly – in as little as a day, they can transfer the money to you through one of their convenient transfer methods.
  • Best price guarantee – they will assess the unit and give you a fair price that is equivalent to what you would receive trying to sell it on your own. Gizmogo buys phones, laptops, tablets, cameras & more!
  • Peace of mind with data protection- they will wipe your unit clean and make sure your data is protected and secure.

Prepare Your iPad For Sale
Erase Your iPad

Protect yourself by restoring the iPad to factory fresh so all of your personal information is wiped clean from the unit. When you follow the instructions in the settings, you should be able to clear any banking information, credit card information, or passwords within minutes.

Clean Your iPad

You can purchase microfibre cloths to wipe down the screen of your iPad as well as a spray that is designed for the special screen. Check the buttons on the iPad and clear them of any gunk that might have accumulated so they are pristine. If you have a case for your iPad, then clean that too. The cable can get pretty dirty and it may be overlooked, so you can use the spray to give the cable a good wipe so it looks like new.

Photograph Your iPad

It is important to take high-quality pictures of your iPad in color. Put something colorful on the screen so you can show off the stunning resolution. It is a good idea to have a video of the unit turning on and off and playing videos and video games. This shows it is in good working order and can function well.

Sell Your iPad!

You are now ready to list your iPad and sell it quickly at the right price. When you follow these guidelines, the process should be quick and easy:

  • Determine the value
  • Clean the iPad well
  • Take pictures
  • Figure out where to list it
  • Clear any data on the unit
    If you are looking to make the process simple with little effort, then use a company like Gizmogo which will do all the hard work for you.