Sell iPad Online

Selling iPads online other is a great way to earn yourself some extra cash. It also helps keep electronics (called eWaste) out of our landfills and the planet a little cleaner. However, you can’t jump in without all the facts! That’s why the Gizmogo Team has created this easy guide covering how to sell iPads online to help.

iPad Device Summary

So, you’ve cleaned up your iPad, properly deleted all data and set it back to the factory settings, and delinked your Apple services and apps. It’s time to get it sold, right? Yes, but there’s some factors to consider first, such as how much to sell for, and where to sell it. Let’s take a look.

Valuing Your iPad

Knowing your iPad’s value ensures that you get a fair sales price. Remember, it won’t be worth what you paid for it new, even in near-mint condition! Make sure you understand the exact specifications of your iPad, especially its onboard memory and storage, so you can get a proper value. Remember that condition will also affect the value.

Sell iPads Quickly

If you need to sell an iPad fast, your best bet is to head to a second-hand electronics dealer online. The process is streamlined and simple. You will either simply send in the device, or upload its specs. They offer you a quote. If you accept, the money is on the way to you. It’s ultra-fast and far less hassle. You should receive a fair market value, although it won’t be top dollar. You can also look at a trade-in at an online store if you wish, although this typically gets store cred only.

Sell iPads Safely

Second-hand electronics dealers are also the safest sales option to sell an iPad. If you would rather hold out for a private sale, however, there’s a lot you can do to sell safely. For starters, make sure that you only ever accept a cash payment once you find your buyer. Scams are all too common otherwise. We also advise you meet up somewhere neutral. Many police stations have trading areas for online sales meetups now. Never invite someone to your home.

Get Most Money For iPads

If you don’t need to sell an iPad quickly, you can look at online sales listings for a private sale. That way, you can ask any price you’d like. Of course, if it’s not reasonable, you won’t get buyers! However, it’s often the best way to milk the most money out of the sale, provided you are willing to wait for

the right buyer, and deal with the sometimes silly people who will inquire online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know how to sell an iPad online. We’re sure you still have a few questions, however. Here’s two questions the team at Gizmogo are often asked. Let’s take a look.

Can I Sell A Broken iPad?

There is sometimes a market for a broken iPad. It highly depends on what is wrong with the unit, however. If it’s something simple that doesn’t affect it’s inner workings too much- like a fine crack on the screen- people will often pay a good price for it because they can get it repaired and have a nearly-new item. If it’s totaled, you would be lucky to find a buyer looking for parts.

Can I Sell A Locked iPad?

This does depend on your definition of ‘locked’. If you have a sim in the unit, and it’s locked to a specific carrier, you should still be able to sell it. You can also talk to the network and attempt to get the device unlocked, although this may carry a fee. If you mean you are locked out of the device itself…well, we would seriously question someone who would buy a device that they can’t use, and you should too.

Say Hello To Gizmogo

Gizmogo are proud to offer you a prime online selling experience for iPads and other gadgets. Simply send us the device- it’s free via UPS/USPS-so we can evaluate it, then let us know if the price works for you. The money will be on its way to you and cleared in your account within 3-5 business days. It couldn’t be easier to sell an iPad with Gizmogo, so why not give us a try today?