Sell iPhone Online


So you want to sell your iPhone? Selling old iPhones and electronics is a great way to get some cash in your pocket as well as help cut down on the eWaste going into our landfills. It’s important not to just jump in, however, so the Gizmogo Team has assembled some tips to help.

iPhone Device Summary

You’ve cleaned your phone up, unlinked all personal data, found the accessories you want to sell on, and reset the phone to factory default. How do you get this device sold? There’s a few things to consider before you jump right in, so let’s take a closer look.

Valuing Your iPhone

Before you sell your iPhone, you should always start with a proper valuation. Factors that affect the value include the device’s age, generation, model, and specifications. Once you establish these, the condition and extras will be the driving factor for value. Mint condition, or near-mint, will always get more than obviously used.

Sell iPhone Quickly

To sell an iPhone fast, we suggest forgetting the sales listings and going straight for either trade-in (if store cred is ok) or an online second-hand electronics dealer. The process is typically very simple- upload your specs or send in the device, receive a quote, say yes, and the cash is on the way to you. While you may not get top dollar, you should get a fair market price, and it’s fast.

Sell iPhone Safely

These sorts of online second-hand dealers are also often the safest way to sell an iPhone online. If you aren’t keen, however, then you can look at private sales. Remember to put safety first in any sale, however. Never meet a buyer at your place, rather choose a safe, neutral destination with a lot of people. Some police stations now offer trading areas. And never accept anything other than cash- too many people try to scam with other payment methods.

Get Most Money For iPhone

The most lucrative way to sell an iPhone will be through private sales, but you have to be OK to wait for a buyer and deal with the sales process. You also have to be street savvy to avoid hucksters and scammers, who will pester you. The Apple products are status symbols, so they always bring out the worst in people. If you’re happy to wait for the perfect buyer, however, it’s a way to get the most money for your iPhone possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure that, now you know how to sell your iPhone online, you have some questions about selling you would like answered. Here’s two super-common questions we see at Gizmogo.

Can I Sell A Broken iPhone?

It will depend on how broken the phone is. If it’s sitting in its component parts, the best you might be able to do is sell to someone looking for spares. However, small cosmetic damage, and issues like cracked screens that don’t impact how the device functions, can often still get buyers.

Can I Sell A Locked iPhone?

Network-locked phones can sell, but it may take a little longer or get you slightly less cash. You can also approach the network and inquire about getting the phone unlocked from their network, as this will typically sell faster and get you more, although they may charge for it.

Say Hello To Gizmogo

Gizmogo are proud to offer one of the best online sales points for iPhones around. Simply send your device to us through our free USPS/UPS partnership, and we’ll get it evaluated. Like the quote? Say yes, and the money will be winging its way to you within 3-5 business days. No hassles, no fuss, no time wasters, and no online sob stories. Just a neat and clean sales experience that gets your device out of your life and cash in your pocket.