How To Sell A Broken iPhone Online

How To Sell A Broken iPhone Online

Most of us have broken electronics before. Either you drop it and it cracks, or it falls in the toilet or possibly gets run over by a car. What crosses the mind of most people when this happens, is that you will need to replace this broken phone and throw out the old one. It may surprise you to know that the old broken iPhone you have could be worth some money to you. There are several steps you need to take to sell your broken iPhone online.

Determine Your broken iPhone Value

Determine Condition

Obviously, the iPhone’s condition is unworkable which is why you are selling it in the first place, but is every part of it damaged? Can the screen be salvaged, or the battery? How about any other working parts inside? Examine the phone to see what is damaged and what is not. It may be in better shape than you think.

Determine Specifications

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Research Prices of Other broken iPhone Listings Online

Take a look at some sites that sell parts for iPhones and see if your phone is listed anywhere to get an idea of how much it is worth. You can also get a good indication of worth by what the parts are selling separately.

Decide Where To Sell Your broken iPhone


You may be asking where to sell your broken iPhone if it doesn’t work. You can sell your broken iPhone for parts on sites where other products are sold. Several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your broken iPhone including eBay and Craigslist. You can also give other marketplaces a try like Amazon, Apple or Facebook. Even if your broken iPhone doesn’t work, it still has value to someone.

Broken iPhone Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Sites that will buy your broken iPhone from you can make the process easy by doing the work for you. Places that buy broken iPhones and other broken electronics like Gizmogo, will send you a label to ship it to them and then give you the best price in the market.

Other benefits of using Gizmogo include:

  • They guarantee the best price – when the experts at Gizmogo access your broken iPhone, they will look at everything to figure out the maximum possible price they can give you.
  • Payment within 1 day – Choose your payment option from Paypal, Check or Check and get your money deposited within 24 hours. It is that easy.
  • Free shipping – You can download a label from Gizmogo and ship your broken iPhone to them at no charge to you.
  • Protects your personal data – They will wipe your device clean of any personal information so you don’t need to worry about anyone else getting it.

Prepare Your broken iPhone For Sale

Erase Your Broken iPhone

Even if the screen is unusable or the unit doesn’t turn on, there is still a chance the information on the phone can be retrieved. That could mean your credit card numbers, banking information, or any other sensitive information you don’t want someone else to have. If the phone is still usable, then you can set it back to factory settings. If not, then you may need a professional to wipe it clean.

Clean Your Broken iPhone

This may sound unnecessary considering it is broken, but if there is dirt or smudges, then give them a wipe. No one wants to touch a dirty piece of electronics.

Photograph Your Broken iPhone

When you want to know the basics of how to sell your broken iPhone, It is a good idea to take color photos of the phone so the buyer can get an idea of the damage and just how much is salvageable.

Sell Your Broken iPhone!

Some simple steps to follow will have you on your way to selling your broken iPhone and at least recouping some of your losses.

  • Wipe it clean
  • Take color pictures
  • Describe the damage
  • Post it 

When you sell your item to places that buy broken iPhones like Gizmogo, you don’t need to worry about doing any of these steps. They will give you money for your broken iPhone without you really raising a finger.