Want to sell your Android or iPhone? Here is a guide on how to sell your phone online

Technology changes extremely fast in today’s era. With new updates and features coming out every season, it is tough not to invest money in the latest technology for the best experience. However, the fast transitions, and even the slow ones, result in a lot of electronic waste that is not useless.

A lot of electronic waste comes from smartphones. You need a brand new phone almost every year because yours is too slow, the battery is draining fast, there is a new model in the market, it fell in the water and several other reasons. The old phones end up being a waste that stays inside the house.

Why should you sell your used phones?

There are buyers for working and damaged phones. While the working mobile phone can be used directly, the buyers can repair the damaged phones or use the phone elements somewhere else. So, please do not throw your old phones away, or worse, keep them in the drawers to rot for eternity.

If you are new to the second-hand selling business, then the experience can be pleasant or daunting, depending on where you go to sell the product.

So, if you are dabbling in the world of selling second-hand mobiles, then we have the perfect source and guide on how to sell your phone online.

Decide on the products you are selling

Have you upgraded your phone and have the old one out of use, or did you find some phones in your drawers that will serve a better purpose if they were at someone else’s home? You might have gotten the same model twice because someone decided to gift you one while you bought the other. Whatever be the reason, the first thing that you need to do is select the phones you are selling.  

Where can you sell your phone?

Several online platforms are made with the sole purpose of helping people sell second-hand products. The business model may vary platform-to-platform. However, two types of websites buy the merchandise from you, the other that enables you to meet buyers who are interested in your product.

You must choose the right website when selling your phone to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

Steps to selling your phone online

A list of steps to follow when selling your phones online

1.Visit the website and enter the relevant details

Once you know where you want to sell the product, you can visit the FAQ section to figure out the steps of selling the product.

Mainly, you have to find the product that you are selling, answer some questions about the product, additional information, and then you get an estimated quote on the product.

2.Send it to the company

Once you have the estimated quote, the company will ask you to send the product so that they can get back to you with the exact quote. Look for a company that provides the shipping of the product.

They will check the phone and give you an accurate quotation. If you find the quote to be reasonable, you can make the deal. If not, you can ask for your product back. Again, ensure that the company pays for the return of the phone as well.

Also, do not forget to transfer all of the data on the phone, and delete everything before sending the phone.

3.Get your payment

If you agree to the deal, all you need to do is confirm with the company, and then wait for the amount. The payment methods may vary from company-to-company.

The website you use for selling the product will give you detailed information about their workings because they change with each site.

4.Can you sell a broken phone?

It is possible that you have a previous broken phone and that is why you needed to change it. However, that is no reason to throw it in the trash can or keep it in the drawer. Instead, you can sell it for some cash.

Lower cost applies to faulty phones as well. The quotes for broken and defective phones are more down than quotes for a working phone. Also, handsets with big dents and scratches, cracked screens, and other such defects are counted as broken. But some cash is better than nothing.

5.What parameters decide the value of your phone?

When you are trying to resell your phone, several aspects decide the overall price that you will get for the phone:

  • The model of the phone
  • Life of the phone
  • Internal storage available on the phone
  • The condition of the phone
  • The network that is available on the phon
    Several other factors affect the cost of the quote on the phone.

Phones that fetch maximum money include the recent models, in excellent condition that are unlocked. The brand new headsets that are in original packaging bring the best price.

To determine your phone’s selling price, visit our website, select the right model, and the other configurations and conditions to get an estimated quote on the product.

6.What happens to the phone once you sell it?

Have you ever wondered why some companies take you broken or working phone? Some buyers re-use the phones they buy. For the most part, the phones are wiped of any data, tested, fixed, and refurbished before they are sold to the new owners. While some phones stay in the country, the older models are sold in developing companies with a high demand for mobile phones.

If you have a phone that does not function or cannot be sold, then the company dismantles its parts. They will use some parts to refurbish the other phones, and the other recyclable elements like nickel, gold, and platinum will be melted down for further use.

Wrapping it up

Learning how to sell your phone online can take some time and research, but it is worth the effort when done right. Not only is reselling old phones good for your pocket, but it is also beneficial for the environment.