Do you want to sell your old smartphones? Don’t sell your phone to Amazon, Gizmogo pays more

Do not let your older electronics collect dust at home when you sell them online, sometimes for a great price. When you may be cleaning your house in your free time, or de-cluttering to make some space for new things, older electronics always make an appearance. It is usual for people to put them back in their place and forget about it till the next time. However, these electronics will probably never come into use again. They are old, you have better electronics in the house, and they are probably not compatible with the other electronics at your home.

However, they are still at your home, if not in the trash can. The thing is that these electronics are not entirely useless. They even have value, and some people are looking for working parts that you have for their electronics. Some people buy second-hand products to use or take apart for the pieces that they can use to fix something. The thing that remains true is that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

The process of selling second-hand products can be daunting for people, especially when trying to do so online. There are unlimited numbers of websites that will provide one way or the other to sell second-hand products. However, you should find a trustworthy website that will allow you to get the right price for your products.

The more well-known websites can be a great way to sell the products; however, generally speaking, a better website will give the right price and better services for your merchandise. The next time you have to sell a used product; do not go to the mammoths like Amazon that have a vast enough base because they will not give your merchandise competitive prices.

Here is why you don’t sell your phone to Amazon, Gizmogo pays more

When looking for places to sell second-hand websites, you will come across Gizmogo. It is an online portal that strictly deals with only used electronics. The merchandise they buy from clients includes monitors, Macs, iPods, kindles, consoles, etc.  

Work model of Amazon

When you sell on Amazon, you have to make a seller account and list the product. Amazon works as a platform that helps sellers meet buyers through their portal. As it works as an open market where people can see your listing, it is easier to find potential clients. However, if you do not get any sellers in some time, you might have to lower the price to get someone interested in the product.  

Work model of Gizmogo

Gizmogo relies on a completely different model. While you can sell electronics on both Amazon and Gizmogo, the latter takes the sellers’ merchandise at a quote and sells it to the new customers afterward.

Sellers can use Gizmogo to sell a wide range of products and not just smartphones, like headphones, drones, kindles, speakers, and a lot more. With a simple process in place, you can get your quote in as less as a few minutes once you fill the required information.

Find and select the device you want to sell in the ‘Sell your Device’ menu. You can refine the search by brands to make the process of finding the appliance easier. Before you put in the details, there is a maximum amount that you can get for the device.

For an initial estimate, you will have to put in details like carrier and other easy-to-fill and self-explanatory information. Moreover, the different factors that decide the overall price are the phone and storage space conditions. Remember that even if your phone is damaged, you can still get a reasonable price when you sell it on Gizmogo. So, do not hesitate to sell damaged products. However, there are additional questions when you select damaged to provide a better estimate.

Gizmogo also verifies the IMEI number because they only accept original phones. You will have to delete all the personal information and sign out of your iCloud account before sending the phone via a free shipping label that you do not need to pay for. Once Gizmogo receives the phone, they will re-evaluate it and provide the final quote. You can either decide to get the money within 24 hours or choose not to sell the product and get the product back at no additional cost.

Amazon v/s Gizmogo and why you don’t sell your phone to Amazon, Gizmogo pays more

Amazon has a great reach, but their additional charges and the restrictions when selling certain brands of phones make it a subpar option when trying to sell used electronics. Amazon is more widely known among the masses. Gizmogo provides a better service at no cost, which makes it the ultimate option. Also, Gizmogo will offer you the most competitive rates on your product, which makes it the top winner.

Why you need to sell your products on Gizmogo and not on Amazon

Competitiveness: When it comes to Amazon, several sellers are willing to sell their products online. As more and more people sell their second-hand products on Amazon, there is a lot more competition. The competitiveness results in a deal for the sellers that are not that great.

Trust and reliability: Looking for a trustworthy website is crucial when you want to sell products online. Gizmogo has a range of reviews and has been in existence for long enough. They have proved their reliability repeatedly to several clients, and you can be the next.

Interface: The website’s interface also has a huge role to play when you want an easy-going experience. Hence, it is crucial to have an easy to use interface.

Customer support: A website with thoroughly operational customer support will not let you down at any time.

Shipping: Look for a site that offers free or minimal-priced shipping when you sell your product online. Logistics can result in a price which is not suitable for anyone.

The verdict

When comparing Gizmogo and Amazon, Gizmogo is a better and more straightforward option when you want a reasonable price for your merchandise and better service. However, people looking for selling products directly to the end purchasers can opt to sell at Amazon.​