Do and Don’ts of selling a laptop online and where to sell your laptop

Selling old electronics can be a taxing task, especially when you are doing it for the first time. However, it is also a highly rewarding task when you do it right. Now, you might have several electronics at home that you would like to sell for some cash, but here the discussion will revolve around things that you should and should not do while selling your laptop.

While most of the other electronics will get you some cash, more expensive and high demand products like phones and laptops can get you some serious money for your trouble if you do make an effort while selling the product.

Some of the do’s while selling your laptop

Five things that you should do while selling your laptop online.

1. Research as much as possible when deciding where to sell your laptop

The place you sell your phone will heavily influence the price of the product. Hence, you must research as much as possible to find the best place to sell your phone. The overall cost of the product will depend on the several factors that you can and cannot control.

For instance, there are selling sites that take a commission on every sale you make. It means that your selling price and the money you receive will be different. Moreover, if you have to manage the logistics (transferring of product), then you will have to factor in those expenses as well while deciding where you want to sell it.

There are several other charges that a company can implement when you sell via a website. Hence, even though it is a time-consuming task, take your time to read the terms of selling products. Also, check for any additional charges (if any) they have for the sellers.

2. The payment method when you sell the phone

The payment methods available depend on the website where you are selling your phone. The trade-ins in Amazon, Best Price, or Apple store result in-store credit or gift cards of that platform. Other websites, like Gizmodo, are platforms where you can sell your laptop for cash in hand or your bank account.

With cash payments, you are more in control of where you want to spend the newly acquired money, whereas, with gift cards, your options become more limited. However, if you’re going to sell an old phone and get a new one from the same store, then it might be worth the hassle if they provide the right price.

3. A quick price check of the device

The price of your device heavily depends on the cost of a brand new laptop in the same model and other options available in the market. To ensure that you have a good chance at selling your product, have realistic expectations of the price you can fetch.

Scour the internet to find other listings of same or similar products to know the right price to sell your laptop.

4. Detailed listing

While making the listing on any website, you should provide as many details as possible. It includes the details about the configurations; any issues in the laptop, software and hardware details, and everything else that you think the buyer would like to know when buying a computer.

Being truthful is the key to having a pleasant experience while selling your laptop. So, take your time while mentioning every aspect of the laptop.

However, be concise while writing, bullet points help because people are not there to read an essay.

5. Clean your laptop and take good photos

It would be best for the sale if you cleaned the equipment thoroughly before you take the pictures for the listing. Various websites ask for images of the product. The photos will affect the quotes you get on the laptop.

So, take high definition pictures of the product that people can see. As you are taking high-quality photographs, clean the laptop thoroughly, no grease, dust, or other undesirable elements to make the product look more appealing to the potential client.

Some Don’ts while selling your laptop online

1. Do not be hasty

If you are getting a seller who is willing to purchase your product, do not try to finish the process as fast as possible. Quick service is always a plus but takes your time to understand whether it is the right choice for you. If there is a swap going on between you and the seller, know when to stop.

2. Do not sell your data

Thoroughly clean your laptop of all your data before you make the sale. You are selling the product, not your information. A factory reset will help, but if you want to be extra careful, look for a tool that ensures that the data backup is also empty when you sell your laptop. A genuinely motivated individual can find a way around the factory reset.

3. Safe shipping

If you are shipping the product, give all the protection your device can need. You will not have to deal with a return because of the shipping services if you are careful about choosing the logistics partner.

Too much hassle, there is a more straightforward way

If you do not want to worry about all the different aspects of selling your product, you can try to find a website that buys second-hand products from you. Selling directly to clients gets you more money, but it also takes a lot more time.

There are enough buyers online that you can get a fair price for your laptop when you sell it online to a website. Gizmogo does provide excellent services and price to sellers.

Wrapping it up

When selling your laptop online, there are some dos and don’ts that you should follow if you want to have a pleasant experience. Follow ethical practices, and take some extra efforts to make your product look beautiful for the pictures and when the customer gets the product. You deserve to have the best price for your merchandise, but the customer also deserves value for money.