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Wondering how to sell a laptop? As well as phones, you can easily sell old laptops for some extra cash towards a new one, or simply to get them out of the way. Today the Gizmogo team has some hot tips to sell a used laptop easily. 

5 Tips to Sell Your Laptop

Selling an old laptop can seem intimidating, but with the right approach, it’s simple enough. Here’s some top tips from the Gizmogo team to help you make the very best of the experience. And remember, if listing for sale is too much of a hassle, we’re here to help you get the fastest, smoothest sales experience possible. 

Tip #1 –  Reset Device

Even more than phones, laptops hold a huge amount of data. It’s also a lot easier to lose sight of the data on your drive. Maybe you have a photo of your credit card (or a personal photo you wouldn’t want to be shared) shoved somewhere in a discreet folder. It’s absolutely imperative that you scrub the device completely before you sell it. In fact, if you can, we’d advise you to remove all data you think you want, and then fully format and reinstall the operating system. Or swap the hard drive for a new one, but you might not want to spend the bucks. 

Tip #2 – Clean Device

You may want to get your laptop out the door as soon as possible, but take the time to clean it up properly. If you don’t want to take the time, what makes you think the buyer would? It’s a good idea to check for damage and other issues while you do this, too. Simple cleaning the gadget to the best possible standard you can, however, will make it far easier to sell your laptop. Do it properly, too. Remove sticker residue with alcohol, and clean the screen of fingerprints and goop. 

Tip #3 –  Photograph Device

We’re sure you’ve had the experience of squinting at a fuzzy photo on a sales site, trying to work out what’s even going on in the picture. Or had a good giggle reading an article listing photo gaffes like naked people in the background and a cat sitting on the ‘pet-free household’s’ item. We’re sure you don’t want to end up on one of them! More importantly, do you expect sellers to spend time on your item if you portray it the same way? Find a good setting and photograph the laptop cleanly and clearly if you want to sell your laptop for cash.

Tip #4 –  Create Listing

If you’re trying to sell a macbook, don’t say you want to sell a macbook pro in the listing. If there’s a crack or scratch, mention it. Don’t get sidetracked with silly jargon like ‘I know what I have’ and forget to tell them the model number. Write a short, concise, honest, and clear listing, including expectations around collection and delivery (if relevant). Think of it from the buyer’s perspective, not your own. Can they tell what’s going on and what the item is? Then you’ve done well.

Tip #5 –  Choose a good price

If, in your search for where to sell a laptop, you consider using online auction or sales sites, it’s a good idea to know what the going rate for your item is. Remember, you’ll never get back the full amount you spent on the device, even if it’s pretty new, because it’s a secondhand sale. Be realistic, but also have the information on hand so you don’t get lowballed or scammed. If you want to sell through a store, this also helps make sure you’re getting fair market value. If you take this route, do expect to get a little less than through a direct peer-to-peer sale, for the convenience and immediacy. 

Introduction to Gizmogo

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