Sell Game Console Online Fast

Want to know how to sell a game console online? The Gizmogo Team has assembled an easy guide to selling your game console for the best possible price. Here’s our top tips.


How to Prepare to Sell Your Game Console

One of the first steps you take to sell your game console should be getting it back up to scratch. If you use sleeves and they’re ugly, torn, or scratched, take them off. Clean everything up and make it look its best. Note small things that will damage the value, such as scratches or damage. Lastly, make sure there’s no disk or media left inside, and you might want to sign out of all accounts, so you don’t lose your games with the device. A factory reset is always the safest way to ensure your private data stays safe. If you will no longer be using the account, make absolutely certain you haven’t left financial details or credit cards linked to the account. 

Find How Much Your Game Console is Worth

The price your game console is worth can vary a lot. Unlike many other electronics, there’s also a very strong market for older generations. People want to be able to replay old classics that aren’t supported by newer tech. Plus, console nerds love having a full collection.So it’s more important than ever to make sure you know exactly what you have. Don’t expect every beaten-up old barely-working console to fetch the same price as a new-in-box latest-gen Xbox, but it’s worth knowing a solid price range so you don’t get ripped off. 

Find Everything The Game Console Came With

Oh dear. Did we just depress you with this? Seriously, though, it’s time to go looking for that controller you lost and trying to remember where you put the instruction manual. It’s worth it. People are far more interested in complete items that have all their goodies with them. Does this mean you can never sell a game console that’s missing a piece or two, or who’s box you threw away? Of course not- but you will get a better price for a unit that still has all its bells and whistles.

Where to Sell Your Game Console Online

Game Consoles can be sold in a variety of locations. Most of us think of auction sites like eBay or person-to-person sales, but you also have the option of using a direct selling marketplace like Gizmogo. Let’s look at some tips for each.

Sell Directly Person-to-Person

Person-to-person sales for Game Consoles can be quite lucrative. It’s particularly useful for very old models of game consoles, where you might just get lucky enough to catch the eye of a fan who’s desperate to milk the last drop of fun out of an old game that didn’t update when the console did. However, it has a lot of frustrations rolled in. It can take a long time to sell, especially at certain times of year. January, for example, sees a lot of people who overspend at Christmas selling ‘fun’ items to get cash to make it to payday, so it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re selling newer gen consoles, particularly, you will also get a lot of people trying to lowball you with sob stories about how they need it for free or a ridiculous price. If you’re able to deal with it all, make sure to set up a safe place for the exchange and only accept cash- nothing that needs to be cleared or can be fraudulently reversed.  Game consoles are popular black market items, so your safety must be paramount, and don’t hand over goods without the cash in hand.

Sell Through a Marketplace

Marketplace sales can be considerably quicker, and with a lot less hassle, than selling person-to-person. All reputable vendors should offer you a fair market value for your item, even if you can’t quite squeeze every last drop out of the price the way you could if you’re willing to sit with online sales for a long time. And the experience typically moves a lot faster. You present your item, are offered a price, and if you like it, the deal is concluded. No more bumping posts, answering stupid questions, and far less chance of fraud.

Introduction to Gizmogo

With Gizmogo you can easily sell game consoles online. We know you don’t want to spend forever fighting with annoying people on the internet. So we’ve created a streamlined process to help you sell electronics quickly online.We offer free shipping through UPS or USPS, enabling you to safely sell game consoles to us hassle-free. From there we’ll evaluate it (remember those tips we gave above) and give you a price. If you’re happy with it, the money will be in your account in three to five business days. Boom! No hassle, no fuss.Keen to try the Gizmogo difference? We’re always happy to help you make the very best of your second-hand electronics, so don’t feel shy about reaching out today.