How to Prepare to Sell Your Smartwatch

Do you have a smartwatch to sell for cash? Gizmogo has the tips and tricks you need to sell your smartwatch online.

How to Prepare to Sell Your Smartwatch

Start off by giving your smartwatch a good clean. You’d be surprised how much extra money you can get for used electronics just by presenting them attractively. If you’re going to be selling person-to-person, take attractive photos in a good light, too. Smartwatches don’t have the same worries of data leaks that some other electronics do, but you probably still have it linked to an account and you don’t want to share personal info. Unlink the account, and then perform a full factory reset on the device, for your safety.

Find How Much Your Smartwatch is Worth

Smartwatches are a niche electronic, and the price can vary wildly. Don’t assume you can just ask what you paid, either. Even if the item is legitimately brand new, second-hand items don’t retain value like new. So be prepared to be reasonable.All the same, you want to get the best money possible for your item. So knowing the worth helps you a lot, too, as you know what to expect and have some ammo against lowballers and deal seekers.

Find Everything The Smartwatch Came With

Are you the sort of person who hoards every box and booklet? When it comes to selling your smartwatch online, it’s a plus! The more of the original accessories you can get back together, the better your smartwatch will sell. Especially if it’s already in mint of near-new condition, passing on even just the box can be a big perk to the buyer.

Where to Sell Your Smartwatch

You don’t only have to head to a Craigslist listing to sell your watch. There’s several ways you can sell old electronics, each with its pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

Sell Directly Person-to-Person

Direct person-to-person sales can take place through a listing (like Craigslist) or an auction site (like eBay). They can be a good way to ‘flip’ your item, but do come with their irritations, too. While smartwatches are a fun and somewhat popular gadget, they don’t sell as fast or in the same volumes as game consoles, phones, and tablets. So you might be waiting a while for your sale, and will probably have to boost the post a time or two before you can get it gone. So they’re not going to be the best place for a fast sale for this item.There’s also, well, the people. We’ve seen the jokes circulating the net, but no one wants to be part of them? All the same, brace yourself for people trying to offer you ridiculously low prices (lowballing) or telling you sad stories to get a good deal. They’re never true, don’t fall for it! This is why knowing the worth of your item helps so much. You’ll also get people who claim they want it and never get back to you, or who just ask inane questions.If you have the patience for it all, you can make a decent profit, however. Especially on older or less well-known brands, as you can wait for someone who recognizes its worth.

Sell Through a Marketplace

Selling through a marketplace, rather than peer-to-peer, can be a smoother experience. You (probably) won’t be able to squeeze every last cent out of the sale like you could if you have time and patience to wait for just the right buyer, but you will receive a fair market price. And you can have the matter over and done with simply and hassle-free. Many reputable marketplaces buy second-hand electronics, including Gizmogo, so why not give us a try today?

Introduction to Gizmogo

Keen to sell your used smartwatch? Not so keen on the hassle and fuss of a peer-to-peer sale? Gizmogo is proud to offer you the best way to sell your smartwatch online without worries about fraud or having to deal with time wasters and lowballers. What’s the Gizmogo difference? Convenience! Send your smartwatch to us via USPS or UPS, for free. We’ll evaluate it and let you know the price. Happy? Then simply let us know, and the money will be on its way to you via your chosen service within three to five business days. Selling electronics online has never been easier. We’re proud to help you receive only the best experience possible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our friendly team is always happy to help or answer questions.

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