xbox x vs ps5 games

Six most anticipated exclusive xbox x vs ps5 games

Gaming consoles are a prized possession for the game lovers. The market has two major competitors when it comes to gaming consoles with the latest graphics and the best games to play, X Box and Play Station. The ownership of the Play Station console series belongs to Sony, whereas the ownership of the relatively newer console series X Box belongs to Microsoft.

Some of the major X Box Series X games to play

Halo infinity: People into the first-person shooter, will love the Halo infinity. 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs have co-developed the game, and it will be available on X Box Series X. It does have single and multiplayer modes. So, you can enjoy it all by yourself or with your friends.Scorn: Horror genre is among the most liked games, and Scorn is the perfect video game for it. The trailer will leave you in confusion but the right kind. Also, It is a first-person shooter developed by Ebb Software. The inspiration comes from the works of H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, and if the trailer is anything to go by, then it will be fabulous. It is X Box Series X exclusive.The Medium: For the people with a soft spot for psychological horror games, The Medium is the perfect candidate. Blooper Team has developed the game for X Box Series X, the developers of Blair Witch. The composers of the Silent Hill series have scored the Medium game as well. The hype is high for this game, and once the game is released, we will know if the games live up to the expectations.However, when it comes to xbox x vs ps5 games, X Box is not the only one coming with some of the most awaited releases. PS5 will also come with some of its publications.

Some of the significant PS 5 games to play

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morale: The Marvel universe lovers will love the new installation in the spiderman game series. Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure game preceded by Marvel’s Spider-Man, the first installation in the series. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS5, Insomniac Games developed this game.Horizon Forbidden West: If you are into action role-playing games with a third-person perspective, Horizon Forbidden West is the game for you. Guerrilla Games developed the video game, and Sony Interactive Entertainment has published the game for Play Station 5. As Horizon Zero Dawn is a prequel, people who are already into the series will love to get their hands on this one.Gran Turismo: Developed by Polyphony Digital for Play Station systems, Gran Turismo is a racing game. The game has a large selection of vehicles, almost all of which are licensed reproductions of real automobiles.


Both the consoles have a range of releases lined-up for the end of this year and the next year beginning. Depending on your gaming choices, you would have to choose one, unless to aim to buy both at the same time.