What’s better – Samsung or iPhone?

What’s better – Samsung or iPhone? Find out today!

This is our take on one of the most discussed and most frequently asked questions in the world of cell phones nowadays – What’s better Samsung or iPhone? It really depends on your approach and what do you look for in a smartphone, but one thing is certain, the choice is almost always narrowed down to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

More iPhones were sold in the last quarter of 2019

When comparing iPhone and Samsung it would be most reasonable to compare the two latest models, or if we want to make a historical retrospective, then two models that have been released roughly at the same time. So, if we are to determine what’s better Samsung or iPhone right now, we would be comparing the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 11, as these are the latest editions. The first thing that we should say is that the Galaxy S20 was released slightly later than the iPhone 11 and is, therefore, more advanced. It is clear that Samsung decided to up their game and try to really get an advantage in 2020. It is clear that the South Korean company has been developing the phone for quite some time, but everybody and Samsung is definitely to see eager what results the S20 is going to achieve, considering that the last quarter of 2019 was rather interesting since Apple managed to sell more units worldwide – about 73 million iPhones were sold, as opposed to somewhat above 70 million Samsung Galaxy units. But anyway, let’s get to the topic of our discussion, namely the comparison between the latest models.

The Galaxy is significantly more expensive

As we said, the Galaxy S20 was released later than the iPhone 11, the direct matchup for the iPhone 11 was the Galaxy S10, but these are the two latest models of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy, so comparing them will tell us what’s better, Samsung or iPhone, at least at the moment. First let’s look at the price. The Galaxy S20 is significantly more expensive and a new Samsung will cost you $999, whereas a new iPhone 11 will cost you $300 less – $699. So, even if the we decide that the Samsung is better, if it’s above your price range, you would probably have to look at other options.

Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with top-notch features

As for the qualities and characteristics. The Galaxy supports 5G, which is a big plus, considering that no iPhone currently supports 5G connectivity. In terms of RAM, the Galaxy is also far superior, with 12GB, as opposed to just 4GB on the iPhone. The Galaxy has a slightly larger screen – 6.2”, as opposed to iPhone’s 6.1”, yet it is lighter than its competitor. The Galaxy S20 weighs only 5.7 ounces, whereas the iPhone weighs 6.8. The Galaxy supports microSD chips, you can get up to 1TB of external memory, while the iPhone supports no such option, it has never supported external memory and MicroSD. Finally, we have the cameras, where the Galaxy S20 is also superior, as it features three rear cameras as opposed to the two rear cameras on the iPhone. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is better, but also a lot more expensive.