iPhones 12 are going “green” how can we relate to this?

The new iPhone released on the 13th of October 2020 is exciting for every tech fan globally. The new model will come in black, white, red, green, and blue color.

Features not available on iPhone

let’s begin with the aspects that the new iPhone does not have in the new model. The USB-C and headphone jack are the two things that are not present in the iPhone model. The proprietary lightning port is available for charging. Moreover, it does not have a micro SD card slot, much like.

Some distinct features that you might not know about iPhone

The new MagSafe feature is an addition that provides up to 15W wireless charging.

5G technology is a significant addition to the new model. Moreover, it does have dual SIM technology; however, it is not a typical physical kind. Only one physical SIM card slot is present, but there is also the eSIM card. In the eSIM card, you can keep a virtual SIM.

The green connotation and what you can do about it?

The new colors on the iPhone have a green variant. While the color represents greenery, it is also the symbol of overall environment-friendliness. The vibrant color is pleasing to the eyes. It is also a representation of the need of the hour to save the planet Earth.

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  5. Phone 14 Plus

Wrapping it up

There are several reasons to buy the latest iPhone. You do not want to be behind in technology. It makes you happy, it reflects on your living standards, or a childlike desire to own the latest entertainment piece.

You might also be interested in it because it makes for a great mobile gaming device that you would like to use for Leagues of Legends. Whatever your reason, opt for the greener option by selling your old appliance for some cash and a better environment by choosing Gizmogo.