The new iPhone 12 is almost out – what can we expect?!

The iPhone 12 release date is now known. Apple has sent out invitations for an “Hi, Speed.” Unveil event on October 13th and while it wasn’t specifically stated that the iPhone 12 will be unveiled, it is pretty obvious both from the fact that the announcement stated that it’ll be a massive event and the fact that it matches the period when it was speculated that the iPhone 12 will be released.

It is more important to consider what can we expect from the iPhone 12 than the release date. People expect a lot from the new iPhone, especially since it has been a while since Apple released a new iPhone. It has been over a year to be precise, as the iPhone 11 was unveiled on September 10 2019 and preorders began three days later.

The stakes are really high now, considering that Samsung released a new model of the Galaxy in the meantime, and a very high-end model at that. Many thought that Samsung’s early release of the Galaxy S20 was an answer to Apple’s successful fourth quarter in 2019 when the American giant sold more smartphones than Samsung.

It’ll feature four variants

So, what can we expect from the iPhone 12? Well, if the rumors are true, the iPhone 12 will feature four versions – the standard iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple has previously released multiple variants at the same time, but the series hasn’t included four versions previously. If this is true, this alone will make the unveiling a very remarkable event, especially since has never launched a phone that has ‘Mini’ in its name. Another alternative that has been mentioned is that there will be a phone with the word ‘Max’ in the name, but again, it is expected that the iPhone 12 will have 4 models.

One thing about the iPhone 12 is certain, so in terms of that we know exactly what to expect. This will almost certainly be the first iPhone 12 model that supports 5G and it will also come with a new screen size. In terms of hardware it will have a more powerful A14 Bionic chipset and a LiDAR scanner.

Prices – basic version will cost $749

Regarding the price, it is still not certain, as Apple doesn’t publish such information before a model is released, but it is expected that the standard iPhone 12 model will cost $749. We will find that out on the release, but it is very likely that preorders will be possible three days after the released date, which in this case is October 16.

The standard models will be shipping on the following which means that potential buyers will have them by the end of October. We mentioned the expected price for the standard model, but based on the prices that have been leaked this is the price just for the 64GB memory model. As you know, the iPhone prices vary significantly depending on the phone capacity.

The iPhone 12 Mini, if such a model is released will have a price of $649 for a 64GB model, whereas the price of a 128GB model would be $699. The most expensive Mini model would cost $799 and it would come with 256GB memory.

The standard model will cost $749 for a version with 64GB and the 128GB version will set you back $799. The 256GB version will cost a hefty $899. That’s a small price compared to the leaked prices for the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The cheapest Pro version would cost $999 and it will come with 128GB, while the 256GB version will be $100 more expensive. This version features a 512GB and this one is priced at $1,299. Finally, the Pro Max will cost $1,099 for the 128GB version, $1,199 will be the price of the 256GB version and the 512GB is by far the most expensive version of all with a price of $1,399.

Bear in mind that these are leaked prices, so you need to take this information with a pinch of salt, but it is in line with what Apple has usually charged for new models.

Looks and colors

In terms of looks it is even more difficult to speculate, but it has been suggested that there will be a significant difference compared to the iPhone 11. One of the things that’s expected is that it will have a metal frame that’s flatter compared to the iPhone 11, although all four versions will be made of glass. It is expected that the Pro Max 12 will be 7.4mm thick, compared to 8.1mm for the Pro Max 11.

Aluminum frames have been mentioned and in terms of color it has been claimed that the iPhone 12 models will be available in siler, gold, gray, blue and green, although some have claimed that the Mini will be available in other color variants as well.