Apple is going green; Gizmogo is going green – Why sustainable companies matter?

The recent revelation of Apple’s effort to reduce overall electronic waste and use cardboard in packaging to help become more sustainable in operations is a welcoming sight to see. Their plans for the future are a stretch even for a company worth trillions of dollars.

The recent pandemic, along with the earth’s overall condition, has pushed people to look at the consequences of the deeds. Also, the revelation that individuals alone cannot have enough impact on the environment to make a significant change has become abundantly clear during the pandemic.

While many companies refuse to look at their role in hurting the environment, some innovative businesses are looking to improve their environmentally viable practices. One such company is Apple.

On the other hand, companies like Gizmogo have a foundation based on environment-friendliness. The company focuses on reusing and recycling electronics to help reduce e-waste and improve the life-cycle of electronics. Also, they have the initiative to help grow trees whenever someone makes a sale on the website.

The importance of sustainable companies

There is a dire need for sustainable companies in the world for the following reasons.

1. They will help shape a better future:

Companies that support sustainability have a competitive edge over their competitors as people are demanding products that do not hurt the environment. The rise of sustainable companies means investment in finding ways to do better for the earth. Overall, it translates to better technological advancement that will include a better world with advanced and sustainable technology in the future.

2. Less greenhouse gas emissions:

If the companies truly invest time, energy, and money in creating a sustainable business, they will reduce the overall carbon emission in the world. Greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change, which is causing several issues in the world.

3. Less pollution:

With sustainable companies, you can expect less pollution in the air, water bodies, and land. The idea of reduction and recycling ensures that pollution is reduced, if not stopped entirely.

4. Better employee benefits:

Creating a sustainable business does not stop at environmental benefits. Sustainable growth has a lot to do with giving people working for the company a fair wage and appropriate benefits. It encourages loyalty among the people and makes the organization better.

5. Steps for a better environment:

A sustainable business reduces the activities that negatively impact the environment and takes steps to help the environment heal. Some companies, like Gizmogo, plant trees to help the world recover from the damages. The active steps to help reduce the injury can help businesses either become carbon neutral or carbon negative. The lesser the carbon footprint, the better the company is for the world.

Wrapping it up

As consumers, you have the power to support sustainable businesses. It will help companies realize the importance of having better practices and ultimately result in better earth and human living conditions. Apart from the benefits you get, it would help if you also looked for the betterment of the environment to sustain life.