5 Best Places to Sell Used Electronics In 2021

People often buy several tech gadgets or electronic items during a sale or holiday season. Over time, however, many of these products begin to become unusable or phased out. This is due to newer models and advanced technology.If you are ready to turn your old electronics into cash, keep reading. There are many places you can find who are in the business of buying back old devices.

Best places to sell used electronics

Take a note of where you can quickly sell your electronic items, gadgets, laptops, and smartphones.

1. Gizmogo

You guessed it! Gizmogo is the most popular electronics trade-in company where you can sell your used devices in minutes. Access the easy-to-use website, get instant quotes on electronic items for free, and enjoy free shipping when sending the gadget over.Once you receive a suitable offer from us, getting the expected price is for your used gadget is easy. Get paid by check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card-whichever suits you better.

2. SellCell

It is one of the best marketplaces to sell your electronic items easily. You need to share your information about the product, and the site will display a list of buyers. Using SellCell, you can sell things like wearable, smart home-tech products, gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

3. Facebook Marketplace

For selling your electronic items, the Facebook marketplace can be a new thing for you. It serves more as a listing portal. The best part? Facebook will help you find a buyer for you in the local network. It is useful using FB Marketplace to find a buyer locally, schedule a pickup, meet the buyer, and earn quick cash in return. Another thing is that you don’t pay a single penny as a fee to sell your used electronics.

4. Buyback World

Though the marketplaces and companies mentioned above are good to go for selling used electronics, Buyback World would be worth checking out. The company promises it will send you a box to pack the product and send it back using free shipping. The final price will depend on an examination of the product. You might end up in a counteroffer based on the quality of the product, etc. If you accept it, that okay, or else submit another offer.

5. Declutter

They pay a fair price and offer an easy selling process. You can initiate a sale using their website or download the Decluttr app for Android or iOS.Select the product you want to sell to, input specific model information, condition, included accessories, and you’ll get a price similar to how Gizmogo’s process works.Once your product arrives at Decluttr, it will be inspected and if necessary, they will also remove all of your personal information.


In the end, it is your call, but Gizmogo believes that customers should receive the most cash possible for their device. Sell your used electronic items for the price you expect, and it is worth using these online marketplaces.

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