Places That Buy Your Used Laptops

Things to consider before selling a laptop

Make sure you have all the accessories that came with the brand new laptop, such as charger, cables, laptop bag, accessories, manuals, etc.
Ensure to format the internal storage to safeguard against possible data loss.
Check the laptop’s exterior condition and make sure no damage can be seen on the machine’s body.  



Places that will buy your laptop

1. Swappa

This company has an online community that buys your laptop for cash. When you decide to list your machine online, you can create a listing with pictures and a description.

The best part of Swappa is that there is no fee for selling your laptop online. Though please note that if you have any visual damage, such as a crack in the screen or broken keys, you cannot sell your laptop. Secondly, if your MacBook is too old, you cannot sell it online.

2. Nextworth

This website gives you the most money for your laptop. You need not wait for an email or confirmation from them to get the quote, they are instant and on the spot.

The best part is that Nextworth offers free shipping. Secondly, your shipment is secured under insurance to protect against damage during shipping. And you are paid in 2-3 days using PayPal.

3. Facebook Marketplace

This is one of the best places that buy laptops online. Facebook Marketplace is easy to create a public listing. Your friends and millions of users on social media can get access to your listing.

Dont worry about the shipment, as Facebook will find a buyer close to your location. You can then sell your laptop to the buyer in person while getting paid for it instantly. However, it depends on the availability of buyers in your area.

4. Gizmogo

Though the above-mentioned marketplaces or companies are good to use for selling your laptop, Gizmogo is the most popular electronics trade-in company. You can sell your used device in minutes. The website is easy-to-use, quickly list your laptop, and shipping is free. Gizmogo guarantees the best prices for your old machine.

The decision is yours

With plenty of options, it is your call; maybe it’s Gizmogo, maybe Facebook marketplace. In the end it is all about selling your laptop for the price you want, and when you do it is worth using one of these online marketplaces.