It’s a new laptop, but you don’t plan on using it – what now?!

So, you’ve bought a new laptop, but for some reason, you are not using it and don’t intend to use it in the future. Maybe you were just given a company laptop, or that new laptop was actually a gift that you don’t need because you have a laptop that you’re using. Either way, the best and the smartest thing to do in this case is sell your new laptop. Electronics lose value with each day, regardless of whether they are in use or not, so the sooner you sell them, the better.

What are your options if you are looking to sell your new laptop and where do you sell a laptop that is new are the questions that we are going to look at and help you get a better price and a better deal on your new laptop.

Can you return it?

Some stores, regardless whether we are talking about retail or online stores, have a return policy, so if the laptop has been bought a day or few days ago and you haven’t used it yet, or have just switched it on once or twice, you might be in a position to return it and get the full price you paid for it.

Still, as we mentioned, this is a very limited option, because it is only possible in some cases, i.e. only available when the laptop was bought few days ago. If the laptop was bought a few weeks ago, or a month ago, it is still new, but it can’t be returned.

The trade-in option

This option isn’t, strictly speaking, selling your laptop. There are companies that allow for laptops and other devices to be traded in and this is a neat option if you’re looking to buy a new device. Let us go through the trade in option and how it works.

In a way, trading in a laptop is changing old for new. You hand in your old laptop, it is evaluated and the amount goes towards the payment of a new laptop. So, even if returning the laptop isn’t an option, you can still get a significant amount of money and get a new laptop while paying just a fraction of its price.

Still, if you don’t need a new laptop, or you don’t intend on buying a new electronic device, this will not be the best option for you, because you aren’t actually selling your laptop for cash.

So, trading in of a new laptop would be an option if you’re looking to get a new device, but not otherwise. Also, the store from which you bought it needs to offer this option.

Sell your new laptop locally

Is it possible to sell laptop for cash, near me, you may wonder, and yes it is and there are several such options. You can try to sell your laptop to an electronics repair shop, because sometimes these shops also sell used devices and they might be interested in purchasing a laptop that’s practically new.

The thing with these shops is that they don’t tend to offer high, or even reasonable prices, and considering that we’re talking about a new laptop, this will not be the most popular option and you will probably take a different route.

Perhaps you know someone who is looking to buy a new laptop. If you decrease the price at least a bit, that might get the potential buyers interested as they would be getting a laptop that has been bought recently and not used a lot at a price lower than at the store.

You will lose some money on it, but at least you will get cash, and if the potential buyer lives nearby, then there won’t be any logistical issues either.

Gizmogo will do the trick

Last but not least, you can also sell your laptop on Gizmogo. A company that buys a wide range of devices, including laptops. It is often said that companies such as gizmogo buy used and old items and in this case we’re talking about a new laptop that hasn’t been used or has been used just a little. But, don’t worry, the price that Gizmogo offers reflects this, and the price will be appropriate.

If the device is new and has not been used, or it is like new and shows no signs of use, even if it isn’t in the original packaging the price will be rather high, it might be pretty close to the actual price that you paid for the laptop.

Once you select laptops from the list of items that gizmogo buys off, you can filter them in order to find your device, and once you select it and answer the required questions, you will get a quote. If you accept the price, gizmogo will provide a shipping label and as long as you use the label your laptop will be ensured. Gizmogo guarantees instant payment, i.e. payment is processed within 24 hours after the item has reached them.