iPhone 12 accessories: What’s in the box, and what you need to buy?

If you are planning on buying the new iPhone 12, you might be in for a surprise. While there was a time that phones came with several accessories, including chargers, cable, earphones, and much more in the box, today, the system has changed dramatically. While getting earphones in the box has become an anomaly, the iPhone is taking it one step further by taking out almost everything.

If you are not up-to-date with the latest technology news, you might not be familiar with all the changes taking place in the packaging of the iPhone 12. Now, you will get only the iPhone and the C-type cable in the box and nothing else. The clarification for the decision given by the company includes a conscious decision to avoid e-waste. People who buy an iPhone for every release do not need to have the charger every time. Also, the low-quality earphones that came with the box were not used by the people. So, it makes sense to get rid of them entirely.

However, it also means that if you do not have particular parts, you would have to spend extra bucks to get all the products.

1. The wall charger for your phone: The iPhone cable has unique port requirements. If you do not already have the charger adapter and would like the option to charge your phone with a socket on the wall, you will have to shell out money to have the luxury.

2. Wireless earbuds or headphones: The new phone does not have the audio jack to insert the wire to listen to music at will. You can either buy Air Pods or opt for other options available in the market. The lack of wired headphones option does make it a problem, as the wireless ones cost more.

3. Wireless charger: You can use the wireless charger to charge your phone. The wireless charger does not come with any brand’s phone. So, it is an addition, no matter when you choose to have the

4. Smartwatch: One of the significant additions to your phone at present is the smartwatch. It is an integral part of the iPhone if you want the complete experience. However, it is an additional accessory that you do need. So, choose to have it in your arsenal or don’t. You can buy it separately.

Wrapping it up

When you get the iPhone 12, it is expected that you would like to buy other products from the same brand, as they are compatible with the device. However, you can choose to purchase other cheaper or better options depending on your needs.

Do research well before you make the purchase. Also, remember that you do not need to get all your products at the same time. You can always take the time to get the products you need without burdening your wallet.

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