can I sell my iPhone box ? Here’s how!

Interested in selling your old iPhone Box? Here’s how!

Selling my iPhone Box. Why and how?

You can sell them right here, to Gizmogo

All of us have a number of old phones or at least one used phone lying around in the house somewhere. We all know the ‘drawer’, the one that’s filled with used electronic devices, most of which haven’t been used in years, even though they are still functional. Some of you might laugh when reading this, but every home has that drawer. And you are probably aware that you can sell your used phones and other electronic devices. You can sell them right here, to Gizmogo. But what about the boxes? Can I sell my iPhone box? This is an interesting question. Let’s see what the verdict is on this.

Would anyone buy a used iPhone box?

First, why would anyone need an iPhone box? So, in other words, perhaps the answer to the question ‘Can I sell my iPhone box?’ is yes, but it raises a second question and perhaps a third one – who would buy it, and why? There are a few reasons why someone would want to buy an old iPhone box. Let’s go through the reasons and then see whether it is possible for you to sell your old box. After all, if you can’t sell it, the next logical question would be what to do with an empty iPhone box, does it have any use or purpose?  

How could you sell your iPhone box?

The first option is to sell it to someone who has an iPhone, the same model that was once in your iPhone box and, for some reason, would like to have an empty original box. That person would of course, be interested in buying your iPhone box.

The question that arises now is how do I find this person? Fortunately, we live in the era of the internet when it’s much easier to find a potential buyer for any item, including an old iPhone box. is the best option to buy your iPhone box.

So, you can try on various social media groups, eBay, or other similar platforms that allow people to buy and sell used items. If you’re selling online, you should also take into consideration the shipping costs and work out in advance, before the deal, who would cover those since we’re not talking about a very valuable item and the shipping costs might be quite significant in relation to the item price.

If you want to avoid all potential shipping costs and avoid the other issues regarding the transaction, you can try to sell your iPhone box locally, either find someone you know that’s willing to buy your iPhone box, or perhaps visit the local flee market and see if anyone there is interested. Another option is to check at the local phone repair shop, as these shops often sell used devices, so an original box from a device that they are trying to sell might come in useful.

What’s an original iPhone box?

We went through the options when it comes to where you could sell your used iPhone box. Let us tell you right away that gizmogo only buys electronic devices. Those electronic devices can be sealed in their original boxes, in fact a device that’s sealed in its original box and hasn’t been used before will get a much better price compared to devices that have been used and are not sealed in their box. But bear in mind that we are talking about the original box, and the original box only. In cases of smartphones, including iPhones, the IMEI number on the box has to match the IMEI number on the phone. Plus, if you place a phone in a box that’s not original, it will not be sealed, so it will not meet our standards and requirements.

So, in short, you can’t sell your iPhone box on gizmogo, but you could sell your iPhone in its original box and if it’s sealed in it and hasn’t been activated, you will get the maximum possible price or a price that’s very close to the maximum price.

Now, a lot of people who are selling used devices on platforms like eBay, or via various groups on social media think that they can sell the smartphone at a higher price if they place it in an appropriate box. We would like to state once again that, according to our standards, an original box is only the one in which the phone was sold.

Does the box increase the iPhone value?

To answer your question from the beginning of this article, yes, you can sell your iPhone box. Private individuals who sell used devices don’t really care if the box is original and apparently neither do some of the potential buyers. So, some of the people who are selling used iPhones are willing to pay a few bucks for an old iPhone box because placing the device into a box can increase its value price by more than a few bucks. So, that would be your option if you are going to sell your iPhone box. When it comes to finding the potential buyer, the options that are available to you are laid out above.

What can you sell at Gizmogo?

Let us explain now why you can’t sell an iPhone box without the iPhone that was originally placed in it at Gizmogo. That’s because the box is of use to us only if the phone is sealed inside. Even if you have the phone and the box, but it has been opened and the phone has been used, the box would still not be useful. We appreciate and value honesty and placing a phone in a box would somehow assume that it hasn’t been used.

We can only acknowledge that a phone is in brand new condition if it is indeed in a brand new condition. Generally speaking, phone boxes can be sold, but they are rarely sold at a higher price; after all we are talking about a box. Even if you do manage to find a buyer, you will seriously need to consider the impact that the shipping costs will have on the final price and whether the buyer would be willing to cover these costs.

It is much more profitable to get rid of all of the electronic devices that you have no use for and are lying around in a drawer somewhere.