Have an old device? Sell your phone online!

You are one of the many people who have an old phone device and don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps you have more than one device, or a drawer full of old cell phones and other electronic device you are not using at the moment. What can you do with that old phone or these old phones and is it possible to sell it or them? Yes, and it even possible to sell your phone online, here at Gizmogo.

How can you sell your device at Gizmogo

Let’s go through the process. You can sell a wide range of devices, including many types of cell phones. Select the phone or phones that you would like to sell and then once you give us few details, we will give you a quote, an offer, but let’s go through the details.

Select the cell phone device that you would like to sell us. Once you have selected a device, you will be asked to select your carrier, and then the phone capacity. We are inquiring about the capacity, because most phones come with multiple options when it comes to memory capacity. This can have an impact on the price that we end up offering and that’s why this is an important question.

Phone condition and how to determine it

The next question is the most important one – what’s the phone condition. When it comes to condition, there are four options – brand new, like new, good and damaged.

Brand new is a phone that’s sealed in an original box and which has never been used before. So, if you have a phone that you have bought and kept in a box somewhere without using it, you can of course sell your phone online, here at Gizmogo, and get a very decent price, especially compared to phones that are in a worse condition.

Like new is a phone that is fully operational and there are no signs that it has been used. So, even if it’s not in the original box, the phone should not be used. It depends on the type of phone, but generally speaking, the offers that you could get for a phone that’s brand new and the phone that’s like new will be very similar.

A phone that’s in a good condition can show signs of wear, but it shouldn’t have operational problems. Even if the phone has some minor scratches and chips, we will still offer a better price.

A damaged phone can also be sold, but we will need to ask you few additional questions before we can determine the price

Get your money in 24 hours

If you like the price that we offer, we will send you a prepacked shipment box and you can ship the device free of charge. Once, we receive the device, we will do another evaluation and determine whether the phone is worth the price that we originally offered. Before that we will check the IMEI number and verify if it’s an original phone. Once we have the device, you will get your money within 24 hours via your chosen and preferred payment method.