Have an old iPhone 8 and you want to know where to sell it?

Where to Sell Your Old iPhone 8 for the Best Price

The iPhone 8 was released by Apple in September 2017. Now over 5 years old, many users are looking to sell their iPhone 8 to upgrade to a newer model. With the launch of the iPhone 14 in 2022, now is a great time to sell your used iPhone 8 and put the money towards Apple’s latest phone.

Selling an older model iPhone yourself can be time-consuming and problematic. Instead, using a reputable site like Gizmogo.com to sell your iPhone 8 is the easiest and safest option. Gizmogo makes the process incredibly simple while fetching top dollar for your used device.

Why Sell Your iPhone 8?

While the iPhone 8 is still a capable device, there are several compelling reasons you may want to sell it:

The iPhone 8 is Getting Old

At over 5 years old, the iPhone 8 is quite outdated in terms of features and specs compared to newer iPhones. It lacks the power and capabilities of Apple’s latest phones. As apps and iOS software continue advancing, the iPhone 8 will become increasingly sluggish and limited.

Missing Key Features

New iPhone models include significant upgrades the iPhone 8 is missing out on:

  • Advanced cameras and photography capabilities
  • Face ID facial recognition
  • Bezel-less OLED displays with HDR support
  • Faster A13 and A14 processors for better performance
  • All-day battery life
  • 5G connectivity for faster speeds

By upgrading to a newer iPhone, you can gain access to all of these great features in Apple’s latest smartphones.

Low Trade-In Value

The iPhone 8’s trade-in value at phone carriers, retailers, and Apple continues to decrease. Right now you can get around $60-$100 max for an iPhone 8 trade-in. However, selling yourself will get you much more money.

Good Resale Value

While trade-in values are low, used iPhone 8’s still retain decent resale value due to demand for budget iPhones. Selling privately will allow you to get the highest possible price. Gizmogo makes selling easy.

By selling your iPhone 8 now, you can get good money for it to put towards a new phone with the latest features.

How Much Is Your iPhone 8 Worth?

iPhone 8 resale prices range from $120 to $250+ depending on storage size, condition, and whether or not original accessories are included.

Here are some average resale prices for used iPhone 8’s in good condition:

  • iPhone 8 64GB – $150-$200
  • iPhone 8 128GB – $180-$230
  • iPhone 8 256GB – $220-$280

Higher storage models retain more value. Including the original box, manuals, and unused headphones/chargers can increase value as well. Models in pristine condition or unopened can fetch prices at the higher end of these ranges.

Selling on Gizmogo will ensure you get market value for your specific iPhone based on its specs and condition.

Why Sell Your iPhone 8 on Gizmogo?

Selling your used iPhone 8 yourself allows you to get the most money, but it can be risky and time-consuming. A better option is using Gizmogo to handle the selling process for you.

Here are the key benefits of selling your iPhone 8 on Gizmogo:

More Money

Gizmogo gets you the best possible resale price for your device. You’ll get way more than carrier or retailer trade-in programs offer.

Simple Selling Process

Just enter your phone details, ship them to Gizmogo for free, and get paid securely once they receive them. No meetings with sketchy buyers are needed!

Fast Payment

Get paid quickly via PayPal, direct deposit, or paper check as soon as your phone is received.

Free Shipping

Gizmogo provides a prepaid shipping label, so it costs you nothing to send them your phone.

Tested & Secured

Gizmogo thoroughly tests every phone to verify its condition before paying you. Your device is secured during shipment and handling.

Good Environmental Impact

By selling to Gizmogo, your phone gets reused rather than thrown out, which is good for the planet!

Selling on Gizmogo means less hassle and better prices compared to selling yourself or doing a trade-in.

How to Sell Your iPhone 8 on Gizmogo

Ready to sell your iPhone 8? Here is the simple process when using Gizmogo:

1. Check Your iPhone 8 Value

Head to Gizmogo.com and use their instant valuation tool to see how much your iPhone 8 is worth. Provide details like model, storage size, and condition.

2. Ship Your iPhone 8 to Gizmogo

Once you accept their quoted buyback price, Gizmogo will send you a prepaid shipping label. Carefully package up your iPhone 8 and ship it off to them for free.

3. Get Paid Securely

Gizmogo will thoroughly inspect and test your iPhone 8 once received to verify its condition. After it has been processed, they will send your payment securely via PayPal, direct deposit, or mailed check.

4. Enjoy Your New iPhone!

Finally, take the cash you earned and put it towards Apple’s latest iPhone model. You’ll get way more money to upgrade vs doing a trade-in.

It’s quick, easy, and secure – usually only taking 1-2 weeks from the initial quote to getting paid.

Ensure You Get the Most Money

Follow these tips to make sure you get the maximum resale cash when selling your iPhone 8 on Gizmogo:

  • Reset your iPhone – This wipes all personal data and removes any passcodes so the phone can be tested and reused. Do a factory reset in Settings.
  • Clean your iPhone – Remove any dirt, dust, scratches, and dents for a better condition rating. Pack it carefully.
  • Keep your accessories – Include original headphones, chargers, boxes, etc to potentially increase the resale value.
  • Get a quote – Use Gizmogo’s value checker so you know you’re getting a fair market price.
  • Ship it promptly – The faster you ship after accepting the quote, the faster you get paid!

By following these simple tips, you can maximize the amount of cash you get by selling your iPhone 8 on Gizmogo.

Time to Upgrade to the Latest iPhone

The iPhone 8 had a good run, but if you still own one, now is the perfect time to cash it in and upgrade. Selling on Gizmogo fetches way more money than doing a trade-in, with minimal effort or risk on your part.

Within just 1-2 weeks, you can have cash in hand to put towards Apple’s latest iPhone model and gain access to amazing new features not available on the outdated iPhone 8. Don’t wait any longer to get your hands on the newest iPhone innovations!

The iPhone 8 was launched back in 2017 and while that’s not long ago, it is understandable that you would like to switch to a newer version, so you are now wondering where to sell my iPhone 8. Let us give you the short answer first, and then we will explain how it works.

The iPhone 8 was discontinued, but this year, Apple started selling refurbished iPhone 8 models at a starting price of $339. But if you are not interested in buying a new iPhone 8, you would like to get rid of your old one, so let’s see what options are at your disposal.

Can I sell it directly to an interested buyer?

We will assume that your iPhone 8 is in relatively good condition, as it is less than three years old. There might be a few people interested in buying an old phone that is still functional, especially an iPhone. You can, of course, try to sell it directly to the potential buyer, that is, if you manage to find a potential buyer. You can try to advertise it locally or ask your friends if they are interested know someone who is interested.

This involves talking to a lot of people, but there’s always social media; they are your friends when you want to sell something. This might seem like the simplest and the easiest option. But finding someone who will be interested and meet your price expectations might not be as simple. Firstly, people who buy old and used phones usually try to buy them for a very low price, pretty much next to nothing. So, if you’re hoping to get a decent price, you might look at some other options. Not to mention that there’s also the issue of payment that you need to take into consideration.

Namely, if the buyer is going to pay you in cash, the two of you need to live nearby, or one of you or both should be ready to travel in order to complete the transaction. If it’s going to be a bank transfer or a credit card payment, the issue of security emerges – how can you be certain that he or she will pay, and how can the buyer be certain that you will send him or her the phone? Perhaps this is not the best answer to the question of where to sell my iPhone 8, so let us present you with another option.

Sell it at Gizmogo.

Maybe you guessed our proposal, but yes, we are talking about Gizmogo. You can sell your iPhone 8 right here and the process is quite fast and simple. You will just need to select the model that you wish to sell and then answer a few questions, i.e. make a few clicks. Give us the name of your carrier, the capacity of your phone, its condition and in the case when the phone is an iPhone, we would also like to know if the Apple ID is locked or not. Once we get the details we will give you a quote and then once you send us your device you will get your money within 24 hours.