How to sell an old phone and is it possible to sell it online

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were the eight generation of the iPhone. It was announced and released in September 2014, so six years ago. That’s a relatively long period and a lot can change in six years. Statistics show that people tend to change their phones, i.e. to upgrade to a newer version in two years or sometimes even faster. So, if you’re an owner of an old iPhone, it is logical to ask yourself the following question: can I sell my iPhone 6 Plus? And the short answer would be – yes, you can sell your iPhone 6 Plus.

Who would buy an old phone?

But who would buy an old iPhone, especially a model that was released six years ago and that was replaced five years ago? After all, millions of phones are sold every quarter, every month and carriers are offering phone deals where it is possible to pay only a small monthly fee and pay off your phone in the following one or two years. Precisely because the market is so large and so many phones are sold on a monthly, or even a daily level, there is still demand for old phones, even if that doesn’t seem too logical.  

Can I sell my iPhone 6 Plus face to face?

When it comes to selling old iPhones, or any old phone, there are several options. Firstly, you can sell your phone directly to someone who is interested, face to face, in person, for cash. This seems like the simplest option, but it can be quite tricky as well. Where do you find someone who would like to buy your iPhone 6 Plus?

It can be someone who lives in your neighborhood, it can be a coworker or someone who lives in their household, it can be a friend, or a friend of a friend, in short it can be anyone you know, or someone with whom you have mutual connections.

Finding the right acquaintance, or someone who knows someone who might want to buy your old iPhone 6 Plus might be more difficult than first thought. First of all, it is a bit inconvenient to go around asking people if they would like to buy your old phone and even if they are interested, agreeing on the price might be even more awkward. Moreover, we are talking about a phone that was released six years ago, so friends and people you know might not respond to this offer positively.

So, the answer to the question can I sell my iPhone 6 Plus, might not be yes, you can sell it locally, but rather – yes, try selling it online. We are going to see what options are available online and how it is possible to sell an iPhone 6 Plus online.


Online sells

People have been selling and buying things online since the earlier days of the internet. In the early days, that was a bit chaotic, there were no platforms, and the payments and their handling was rather complicated. Nowadays we have a lot more options and the whole process is a lot smoother.

Peer to peer e-commerce services and platforms are very popular, as they enable fast, seamless and safe transactions. It is a lot easier to find a buyer online because the market is a lot larger compared to any local market. The platform ensures that the process will run smoothly and that the payment will be completed.

There is only one thing that remains a challenge when selling online and that’s how the transfer of the product, item, in this case iPhone is organized. Do you ship the item directly to the buyer’s house and who covers shipping costs, especially in the case where the shipping costs are not insignificant? This is not an issue of little importance, it is a serious logistical challenge in some cases.

Online trade platforms

You will probably choose the online option, regardless of the challenges. Let’s what sub-options are available within the online option. First, you can try to simulate a face-to-face directly sale by using social media. On Facebook, for example, there are plenty of groups where people buy and sell things. In most cases, these groups are organized on a local basis, they can be tied to a specific region, town, or even neighborhood. This will enable you to get rid of the logistics issue that we mentioned above, but it comes with few issues of its own.

Namely, how will the transaction be completed in this case? Well, there’s one logical answer here – you bring the phone, the buyer brings cash and the phone is exchanged for cash, right on the stop. This carries a slight security risk, so, if you’re willing to take that risk, you might engage in Facebook trading and sell your phone.

eBay is another option. This is a renowned platform which enables peer to peer and business to consumer sales. It is one of the largest success stories of the era of the internet. That is hardly surprising, as the very concept of eBay wouldn’t have been possible in the age before the internet.

Finally, there are online platforms that enable and facilitate peer to peer sales of used electronic devices. These are very similar to other platforms, the only difference is that they specialize in sales of electronic devices, so if you’re selling an iPhone, one of these platforms might be a more logical option.

The last and best option

Finally, we bring you an option that’s widely considered the best and most reliable option when it comes to selling an old phone. We’re talking, of course, about Gizmogo. Can I sell my iPhone 6 Plus on Gizmogo, you ask? Sure, you can sell it for up to a maximum of $108. The total price that is offered, depends on the condition of your phone. If it’s brand new and hasn’t been used before, you will get the maximum price. You will need to answer a few brief questions on site, get an offer and then you’ll also get a free shipping label that enables you to send the phone without any additional charges.

Reduced Risk of Fraud

Quick payment processing not only reduces the risk of fraud but also protects our business’s reputation.

Gizmogo & e-Waste

As our reliance on electronic devices increases, the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) produced is also growing. In the United States, only about 25 percent of e-waste is recycled, which means the majority of it ends up in landfills where it can leach harmful chemicals into the soil and water.
The best way to reduce the amount of e-waste produced is to improve the building of a more circular economy. A circular economy is one that is designed to keep resources in use for as long as possible and recycle or reuse them at the end of their life cycle. This can be done by making products that are easier to repair and recycle, as well as by increasing consumer awareness of the environmental impacts of electronics disposal.
We are committed to helping reduce e-waste and improve the building of a more circular economy. We do this by making it easy for people to sell their cell phones and recycle them properly. We also offer free shipping on all orders, so you can be sure your old phone will be recycled properly and won’t end up in a landfill.
If you’re looking to sell your phone online, Gizmogo is the perfect place to do it. Not only will you get a fair price for your old phone, but you’ll also be helping to reduce e-waste. So why not go green and upgrade your phone with Gizmogo today?
We hope this blog post has given you some helpful tips on how to choose an online phone-buying platform.